Bullets of non suicide


One of my fantasies lately has been that world would get into its 3rd world war, most of the world will be wiped out, including all parts of India. I would stress on the word fantasy, this is not a nightmare but am actually enjoying such a thought.

When I analyzed my fantasy here are some things I could derive.

1. I am not looking forward for life to end, but if it were to I wouldn’t be sad

2. Its not suicidal, I don’t want to kill myself, but wouldn’t mind if everyone or just me gets killed.

3. I am ready for world to end, but I wouldn’t want the suffering, I don’t like an epidemic to break loose, however wipeout is good.

4. I seem to have reached a stage in life, where I don’t look forward to anything in life. No I haven’t hit upon my quarter life crisis, or considering that Software engineers do not live past 60, mid life crisis.

5. One aspect which seems to have influenced me a lot these days is population. I am getting too annoyed by the number of people in the world, and the idea of family planning actually bringing it down to a tolerable limits does not sound feasible to me.  Lack of resources and the increase in shortage seems to have no solutions.

I do not know if my fantasy and my thoughts are disturbing.

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  1. I’d like the same to happen – just so that there can be a new beginning, a new way to re-write our history, a new definition

  2. I guess the desire to live longer starts from the moment you become a parent. Until then every day is just as the previous. But with a child it’s a new day everyday. You wanna stay fit and healthy coz you know your baby needs you. You wanna live longer to see that your baby has grown to be a nice person loved by one and all and make you proud. And may be some more. I realized this when I saw this behavior in a friend of mine. She also made me realize and understand my parents’ behavior better.
    Anyway, I remember AB say in a talk show that the day you feel satisfied with your life or aything, you stop working at it, stop tryin to improve. That is why they say, “Stay Hungry, Stay Stupid”

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