Why do people value money more than family?. People who have been brought up in close knit families, who have seen the extent of troubles parents go through to give them all the pleasures possible, even they fail to understand what and how they break hearts speaking about money. I cannot understand how people can accept and expect money from sick parents.

I used to be proud of my culture, my people, my family, my cousins for all the right values which I thought we had. Why did you have to burst my bubble?.

I will never be able to look at you or talk to you, without a hint of disgust and rejection.


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  1. Do you mean you are unlike this person or do you mean dislike?

    Its sad, but true. I think, unfortunately, Indian culture facilitates it…

    • dislike will be too mild, disgust sounds more right

      I actually meant unlike..unlike what I thought, unlike what we need to be.
      Actually indian culture does not facilitate it, but we seem to be catching up

    • I would understand it if it was running after money…the problem is that I don’t understand why they wouldnt stop..they wouldnt consider stopping for even the people who mean most to them

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