I recently read in a newspaper that, couples enjoy pillow talk. I had to look it up on wikipedia to understand what it meant. I was surprised that the rambler household seems to indulge in pillow talk early in the morning after waking up, compared to a lot more common variant which takes places before going to bed. I usually have this habit of describing the weirdness of my dream from the previous night, first thing in the morning to my wife.

On a totally different front, looks like virtual ramblings is hardly getting any posts, and when it does, it has something to do with my wife or couplehood..Time to change!!! Atleast after this post 🙂

Anyhow, coming back to the topic. I seem to have this knack and zeal to remember the dreams vividly and describe the same the next morning.

Women have a way of surprising me, when I least expect it. Or  may be I have this thing of letting women surprise me, when I least expect it.

When we spend a lot of time with a certain person, we end up having many conversations with that person, and not all of them are serious and meaningful, there is a whole lot of goofing around, fun and laughter, but in between we have those moments where we realize the gear has shifted.  I really cherish such conversations with my wife.

One day, suddenly out of the blue, my wife asked me, “what my dream was”.

What followed was an absolute blank, where I was hardly in the conversation. My mind was searching for that dream, as my tongue blurted out things which made no sense.

I was forced to take some time off that conversation, and think about the dreams I have. I came up with a small list. And once the conversation began again. My wife pointed out,  again to my surprise,  how truly none of them were dreams, and they were just goals.

Being a practical person I have set myself many goals, I have failed to have a dream. When I look back, my earlier dreams were again sort of a goals and not a dream as such.

Is it so difficult to dream?, is it so necessary to have dreams?, why am I feeling guilty that I dont seem to have one?, why am I not happy at my logical psyche?. These questions have been haunting me ever since.

Dream-less is not what I intend to be, Dream-less is not what I wanted to discover myself to be.


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  1. Till my mid twenties I almost always never remembered any of my dreams. It was like I used to not dream at all. But lately I dream almost every night and they’re all weird. These days I wonder why I get those dreams. At least why are they so bizarre…

  2. Cheers to the woman power, who made you think.. :-))

    In my dreams, if I ever see a house, its always my old house in Doon.. Dunno why..
    About the other dreams, they generally translate into goals..
    But I dream of going to Leh/Kashmir one day… Will that be considered as a goal…

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