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Crazy memories

“I am afraid that your past is going to relive my future
Said the troubled mister.
She smiled, He laughed.
The bus moved, he shook himself awake.

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Vacation snippets

Finally got to see some empty roads in Bangalore, all it needs is a 3am drive.

Air India still seems to be the best in hospitality, They took the trouble of serving us breakfast where as other airlines have begun to charge money for a small bottle of water.

The idea of a huge silent prayer hall with no deity, cannot be made more attractive than the Lotus temple in Delhi.

I am happy that, Delhi with its big infrastructure [compared to Bangalore] still faces equal amount of traffic jams..Sadistic pleasures 🙂

Emperor’s have strangest of the passions, Humyun chose to put his wife’s grave far away from his, but chose to put his barber’s one right next to him. He must have been ‘Hajam-E-Khas’

Best part of Delhi’s monuments are it’s Jaalis, the checkered windows.

Qutub Minar is boring, unless they start letting us climb through it.

Getting cheated seems to be the only constant think about shopping when you are traveling

Surprising not to find cafe joints on the golden triangle. Coffee Days and Baristas what’s wrong with you people

Always fun to have your ATMs Wife along when you travel, specially when you don’t have to pay them back

It amazes me how easily I get along with kids, had been a long time, since I had this much fun with them.

Here are some of the things I got to hear from my nieces and nephews, “I am going to eat rambler mama for my birthday”, “I love rambler mama, he is silly”, “Sorry you can’t sleep, you either can play with us, or take a fake nap”

It’s always fun to have a huge rajasthani meal, a huge disappointment that malpua was missing

I used to thin Taj Mahal is overrated and is a tourist trap. A big mistake. Taj Mahal just blew me away, amazingly beautiful structure.

It sucks to get back to work after a 4 day hectic vacation.