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Monday Ramblings #1

Random Ramblings is back Again!!!!

Random biter’s club:
At the end of the year, when all your classmates go to the next level along with you, One cannot help, but wonder, wow were they on the same boat?. Thats the feeling I have, when I read blogs on my reader now. Most of my fellow bloggers have stopped blogging, moved on better interests, got married, or had kids. In other words their blogs have sadly bit the dust. [or slowed down]
I miss the friendly banter with my blogger friends, Rusty neurons, Why Paisley, Silver Neurotic, Krista, Nita, Bluemist, Suma, Snowie, Shefaly, Prats, DreamCatcher, chennai ramblings.. So many of them.. Common guys, come back to blogging[full time].

Random Realizations:
Its 2011, and people still are blinded by the glitter. The shineless future, the long credit bills, and the huge loan still doesn’t get notices by people. I guess some people, [aka your’s truly], are just born in the society and never get the mind of it, they shall always remain the exception.

Random Telly fun:
Dr Sheldon Cooper is fast becoming God amongst the geeks. “Dog – O -pus”, the cross between a dog and octopus, the man’s best fried under water, and with eight hands, playing catch is 8 times more fun. Only thing I miss about the US of A, not being able to buy the Geeky t’shirts from the big bang theory collection.

Random Happiness:
As Rambler is about to end 30th year of existence, he did a little bit of introspection on the year that has gone by. He seems to be pretty happy on various fronts, family, work and personal life. He had fun working on some of the issues at work, fun intellectually with some of the books, fun with family, couple of amazing vacations. All in all a pretty good year.

Random Revenge:
Disappointment is one thing which can find its way into slightest of the cracks. Every disappointment leaves me a little stronger to handle them in future, or so I think, but turns out each one of them leaves me equally devastated, time after time, year after year. The worst part of a disappointment is that, there is nothing called a revenge.

Random Second Thoughts:
If my blog were to get a new name, what would that be?.

11 thoughts on “Monday Ramblings #1

  1. Aww, I feel special that I was included on the list of bloggers that you miss. I’m trying to get back into the groove, both in actually writing and reading blogs so hopefully you won’t have to miss me anymore.

      1. Guess I am out of that daily blogging phase and I don’t want to force myself into that mode again. I am sure you agree that rambler also been that mode. Virtual rambling now does not even resemble to that one from blogspot days. 😀

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