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I was transferring some songs onto my ipod, and this column of itunes caught my attention. Did you know ipod keep tracks of how many times a song has been played. Being a man of numbers, I loved this statistic, and started analyzing my music pattern. It did have some surprises to offer. Even though I am a big fan of Sonu Nigam, it looks like Vishal Bharadwaj seems to be hogging my top 15 :).

[None of the old songs made the list as they were on a different playlist].

Shukran Allah” sung by Sonu Nigam from Kurban, this wins the race hands down by a huge margin. I like everything about this song, from lyrics to vocals, from delhi to Kareena [First time since refugee]

Cham Cham jhilmalate sitaron wale haath” sung again by Sonu Nigam from a not so known movie striker. After a long time Sonu has gone back to his forte, good music.

Character Dheela” with none other than Salman Khan, he must be crowned the king of catchy numbers

Sham bhi koi” This Gem from Amit Trivedi got buried below the mitti mitti songs from the movie “Aisha”. The music, video and the vocals, is just a class apart.

Bekraan hain bekaraan” One of the worst movies I have seen in recent times, but gave this wonderful song. I loved the lyrics

Badi Dheere Jali” Ishqiya had some really good music, after Saawriya only other album where I can listen to all songs. This hindusthani fusion song caught my fancy very late, but has remained my favorite.

Baatein kuch ankahee si” This must be one of the first songs which my wife heard me singing. I specially love the unplugged version from Adnan sami.

Oh saathi Re” Omkara broke many rules, got [in]famous for many things, but only thing I remember about that movie is this beautiful song. I remember listening to this in a loop in a loop :).

Kuch Ajnabhi sa Ehsaas dil ko” Sung my Adnan sami, music by him. One of the most romantic songs I have ever heard. This guy must be the one with the sweetest voice in bollywood.

Saawariya” If I were to be asked one album in recent times which I can listen to all the songs over and over again, it has to be Saawariya. No other album is close to this. And the jewel in the crown, to me was the title song. [Masha allah and yun shabnami come very close]

Yeh Honsla” Lyrics, Lyrics and more Lyrics, Dor had a beautiful story, but lyrics for this song was extra ordinary

Yaar Mangiyasi“. When I listen to some of the songs sung by Sonu Nigam, I can’t stop admiring the vocals, this is one such song.

Do Do Do Do“. Ramji Londonwale is one file which not many people have heard of, and this song sung by Alisha Chinai and Suresh Wadker, is extremely sweet and soft. I can feel the misty days of london just by listening to the song.

In lamhon ki daaman mein”  Jodha Akbar was a forgettable film, except for couple of songs.

Beetein Lamhein” There was this move called “Train”, I haven’t watched it, nor intend to. This song was being played on TV during the initial promotions and has been on my ipod ever-since.


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  1. with you on Beetein Lamhe, Yaar mangiyazi, Badi Dheere Jali, Batein kuch unkahi si. and I am head over hills in love with “Omkara” and “o sathi re”. The video is amazing too 🙂
    I think I also should ink my top 15. 🙂

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