To Guard or not to Guard


Its been a week since I posted, and I am actually feeling sad to have not blogged for a week. I am also happy, that I am feeling sad about not blogging, because over the last couple of years I had stopped feeling that. Anyhow..I will stop being happy/sad in spirals and continue with the post I guess.

One of these days I was wondering what should a man in his late twenties, one who has been single for a long time, change his conduct, mannerisms after his marriage.

Being unmarried gives us a lot of liberty, we don’t have really think before we strike up a conversation with opposite sex at the work place, or on the commute. Not just the conversation, even when someone beautiful and attractive passes by and catches your attention, the way your mind reacts, everything comes out natural.

When I got married, In the initial days I was very conscious about how I come across to people of opposite sex, I was conscious not to appear interested, and curb my natural tendency to mix humor in my talk. I don’t see a logic behind why I did that, but it just happened. During many a conversation, I used to remember half way through that I had forgotten about my guard. I have blogged many a times about how I do not get flirting, nor understand if anything I do appears to be flirting. So may be my mind was putting down a guard to make sure I don’t flirt.

When someone appears attractive to you, or when their persona strikes you, its normal tendency to want to talk to them, or get to know them. Not all those attraction have romantic interests. In fact most of them have no romantic interests. But how does one change his/her outlook towards this subject after being married. More importantly should one change his outlook?.

The virtual life is a whole new ball game. Anybody who reads my blogs can see, almost all of my readers are women. In fact I did a poll too as to why it is so. Since I have a habit of exchanging comments on the blog and also with some of the old blogger friends on the gtalk, I end up chatting with a lot of women. Well, Now that my online time is so limited, it might have gone down drastically but still. I was chatting with an old blogger friend yesterday, and was feeling so conscious about what I speak. I met this person on gtalk after ages, and I was finding uneasy about my self censorship. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing even close to romance or attraction of any kind involved, but then its just kind of odd.

Should a man guard himself after being married
So how much should a man guard himself after marriage, where to draw the line, or should there be a line in the first place
Am I just going nuts about something which is blown totally out of proportion [I have been guilty of exaggerating things :)]


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  1. Honestly, I don’t think you have much to worry about. As you said, you never flirted when you were single. It’s pretty unlikely that somehow you would have a conversation now with someone that might be construed as to be a flirtatious interaction.

    I’ve chatted with you on GChat…granted, it’s been awhile, but it was when you were single and I never got any flirtatious vibe coming from you. lol

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