Obsession with the move.


There are days when I feel like a train,
train on the move,
passing through numerous stations,
few minutes of halt, and then the gallop,
people getting on, and some getting off,
a sense of belonging, short lived.

There are days when I feel like a station,
a station, the common still ground.
Trains loaded with people, come and go
few minutes of commotion, and then the calmness,
people getting off, and some getting on,
a sense of abandonment, short lived.

Makes me wonder,
Why this obsession,
Obsession with the move.


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  1. The only thing constant in life is change.. Life is movement, if you are still then you are dead.. right?
    Life is best described in this sher “Karwan chalta gaya, log judte gaye, log bichadte gaye, makam ate gaye, magar karwan chalta gaya..” (i am not remembering it fully. this is a phrase of it. i may also have corrupted it a little).

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