Why does it feel so long


I close my eyes and,
I can still feel
the dusky brown skin.

With my eyes open,
I can still feel,
those smooth tanned curves.

With a smile on my face,
I can still feel,
The sensation of you on my lips.

With every breath of air,
I can still feel,
The tingle of your fragrance.

With every passing moment
I can still feel
The freshness of our moist kiss.

I agree, its been just a while,
Why does it feel so long.

P.S 2012 has been a no coffee/tea year for Rambler..so far. Why this, Why this new year resolution di.


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    No exaggeration, the migraine I’d suffer from withdrawal would do me in. Good for you for giving up the caffeine though, keep it up!

    • :)..I did have some serious headache the first few days..almost a week..and a strong protest from my wife and mother to break the resolution..well tougher the challenge, even more worth in taking it up isnt it 🙂

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