Is memory going the appendix way


I remember a conversation I had with my friend a couple of years back. He moved out of the country after our graduation, and has remained there ever since. Once,after a couple of drinks, when we were all nostalgic, and remembering our college days, he said that even today he remembered my home telephone number, and all he needs to do, is get to a telephone keypad and the numbers just come back to his mind. Strangely, I had his home number remembered, even though we haven’t dialed each other on that number for years now.
As I was taking my shower, where usually all my posts sprout from. I was just wondering that, today, if someone asks me my wife’s cell phone number, or my parents, I actually struggle. I depend so much on the address book on my phones that, I no longer care to remember the phone numbers. I am sure, my mind would not hesitate much, if I ask it to remember these numbers, it is just that I no longer care.
We seem to be dependent so much on these gadgets, have we begun to lose our abilities?.
Just like the hunting instinct which was once the primary weapon and the skill of the human beings which no longer seem to be seen, even in traces. [Salman Khan is an exception]. May be with this information age, we are making our memory obsolete.
There was a time when going to a reference library was a norm. People would spend hours together to find the information they wanted, in the process discover so many other things. The skill to find the right information, included ability to remember the author names, books, the racks and rows, Involved inter personal skills of interacting with a librarian, or a friend, or a professor who had a better skill then you. Today all that is replaced by a simple text box on google. All you need to know is, what you want to know about.
The influence of search engines is so much in our lives, that there are times when I am searching for a misplaced thing, and I wish if google could search through my belongings.
Do we call this technological advancement or laziness?.

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  1. I have a terrible time remembering phone numbers, and it’s even worse now that it’s programmed into my cell phone. I need to force myself to put those important numbers into my memory.

    As for research…I definitely do depend much more on the computer than I do books-but I blame that on my college professors who warned that books are more likely to be outdated, to try to use academic articles (which I usually found online) to use for research. Now I have just gotten into the habit of depending on the internet when I need to find information. Perhaps if my college professors wanted us to focus on old fashioned books in the library, perhaps I’d still find myself gravitating towards more traditional forms of research.

  2. Soon the need to memorise will completely go away… which is good in a way… application is always more important… but certain basic things should be handy… It wont be long before kids are googling… “2*2=?”

  3. First time here.. and so true that we are so dependent on technology for the simplest things. I used to be able to rattle out numbers of friends once too .. now , if the cell is lost, I have no clue..

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