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As humans why are we so obsessed with conclusions?. All arguments need to be decided, stories need to climax one way or the other, even sentences need to end with a period. This seems to be so unnatural, as in nature nothing waits till the end, end just happens, it is as abrupt as an unfinished sentence, a story incomplete. World does not wait for completeness, it just works at a pace not know to humans, and end happens, not to a plan. It sounds almost foolish to expect all sentences

4 thoughts on “Unfinished

  1. Hi! I came here after reading your blog about the Bengali movie Anuranan. I am really intrigued by your writing.
    The phenomenon you have discussed above is very much real and is called an “unfinished business” in Gestalt Psychology.
    We all seek to tie the ends… Sometimes, others would understand why do we need this or sometimes they won’t. The vital thing is to not let what we need define our behavior. A person having an unfinished business can still function healthily. I make such emotions or events sit in chair in the corner in the room of my mind. I know it is there but it doesn’t affect me. Rather than not seeking closure, I choose to wait for it. So, if something is unfinished, I decide to have faith in the universe. Someday, I would get my closure without wanting it.

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