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Scattered thoughts from the mountains

There are very few risks which I have taken in life, and very few among them have been successful. This time around, when I took an unique risk of signing up for a hike, that too with two peaks of 11.5K feet, and 15.1K feet each, I was hoping I would be able to summit atleast one of them, fortunately I was able to summit both. This hike was more mentally demanding then physically, I had to motivate myself beyond my capabilities to be able to climb these mountains. During the trek that spawned 4 days, my mind had some interesting thoughts, of which I could recollect a few.


  • Human ego is insignificant, when it comes face to face with nature.
  • Solitude cannot be more effective, then it is when you are climbing mountains
  • Determination can kill even rocks
  • You can put all the nature’s beauty in front of a struggler, and all he worries about, will be his struggle.
  • When it comes to climbing mountains, motivation and camaraderie can fill in for lack of physical strength
  • There are times when you wonder, why do we inflict upon ourselves hardships, which were unnecessary, and then when you accomplish them you realise the reason. It is to enjoy the conquest, and in a way boost your own ego.
  • How time can change pace every few hours
  • When you are full of physical and mental exhaustion, your mind forgets to wander. At this point, when you take a break and rest, you get to experience inner-peace of the purest form.

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