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Straightening a curved line

It is a common conception that time will heal everything. It adds a layer of cushion to all our pain, both physical and especially mental. Anything that the life throws at you, time is always there to weaken the blow. It is amazing how time can make you forget almost everything, how it kind of curves a straight line, and straightens a curved one.

Fortunately, time is linear. There is no way of going back, I suppose not until someone proves it wrong. I can count thousands of occasions where, I have thought, if only I could go back in time. To be honest though, I guess we are lucky that we can’t do that.

Memory, on the other hand can defy time in a way in which only it can. It can make us go back and forth into time which has long since seized to exist, with versions of people hard to relate. Memory is to past, what fantasy is to present and future, in many a case equally incredible.

I wonder, how time affects memory? Apart from the fact that we make new memories and probably get rid of some old ones or parts of it. Isn’t what remains equally charred?. Memory does not change with time, it does not become sweetened. It does make you miss what you had, seldom does it make you enjoy what you have acquired.

For all the people who have heard about time being the ultimate healer, how it makes us forget all things bad. I would say, it is good to have hope, however it is better to accept bitterness. We would love to have our kids color within the lines, however the reality is that we accept their wild strokes outside those lines.