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Age is just a number

People say, age is just a number.

One thing which has noticeably changed with my age is that I have become less fearless. I have consciously chosen double negative, and not called it more fearful. When given a challenge I don’t think I have begun to fear it, however I have become less fearless, I tend to think a lot more about things which could fail and try to take care of risks than I used to before. Many a times, our ability to take risks can help us scale heights, which are not easy if we take a well thought path. I have seen this change in me happen very gradually. I can always try to convince myself that, this is a more mature thing which has come with age, but who am I trying to please here.

As I am grown older, my patience seems to have gone downhill. I was always short on patience front, however I have realized with age it has gone down exponentially. I used to think it is due to parenthood, it is due to working with incompetent people, it is because of having to deal with women in my life, because of the climate. There was one thing common in all my excuses, “me”. I guess I am the one who has changed to worse.

I need people now. I could stay alone months together, but with age, I seem to have become a social animal, rather a family animal. I miss my family way too soon. I miss my son, my wife, my parents. It’s not like, I no longer like solitude. I just want to be home. I guess I am too attached to comforts of familyhood.

Even though I am still a big foodie, and I continue to love eating good food, my willingness to experiment when it comes to food from other countries has gone done a bit. I discovered this over my last few trips abroad. I think I am more concerned about what the food contains, is it really meat free, is it really safe and other questions. I was a lot more liberal when it comes to food few years earlier.

On a positive note, I have become more friendly when it comes to strangers. Eventhough I still hesitate when it comes to actually going out of my way to be social, the intent to meet people and talk to strangers has grown with age. I have made a lot more friends quickly than what I used to do earlier.

People say, age is just a number. Yeah right!.

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