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The Last Conversation

I have been listening to a lot of TED talks lately during my morning walks. I was struck by one of the speakers recently who spoke about last conversations. He was talking about how people feel when they realize that the conversations they have had was the last one with that particular person. It is not similar to how would I live life if this was my last day, its more of a realization rather than reaction. This aspect of the talk got me thinking about many of my last conversations. That friend who disappeared, friends for whom I disappeared, people dear to me who are now stars in the sky, a special someone who knew our fate all along, blogworld people who have vanished. I have realized how unknowingly I have had my last conversation with so many of my dear ones. In many a cases, I don’t even remember what we spoke about, if we enjoyed our conversation, or if it is of any significance. In retrospect, when I realize that was our last conversation, a kind of a lump sets in my throat.

A conversation is not just about words isn’t it?, there is so much more to a conversation then the mere words, to begin with there is the voice, the persona, the smell of the person, the warmth of the unspoken words between people, the touch of intimacy amongst people involved, and many more senses which come into play when two people converse. The last conversation, invariably means that we have had last of the experience of all these senses.

Think of a book or a movie which you have loved, that one which spoke to you, when you try to reread that book or watch the movie again, don’t you realize a difference in your experience?, I am not saying the repeat does’t give us joy, it does, however it is not the same. There is something about the virginity of the unknown, which once broken can never get back to what is was. Conversations are like that, I have tried to relive many of my last conversations, trying to see if I can feel the emotion which I was going through, it just isn’t the same.

There is no escape from last conversations, reasons for these conversations being last may be many, some under our control and some out of ours. Apart from experiencing nostalgia I am wondering what purpose these memories serve?.

These people who once may have played a big part in our life, are just gone, they are not going to come back. They will not be able to “speak” to me the way they once could. So why bother about the last conversation?, shouldn’t we just let it go?

What good can those last words, or our thoughts on them do to us?



blast from the past


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