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The Descent

I had heard this in a lecture that two sanskrit words “deha” and “shareera” both used for the ‘body’ mean that in completely opposite ways. Deha means the one that grows, where as shareera means one that withers. I appreciated the beauty of the language, and now I have started appreciating the philosophy behind it.

At one point in our life our growing body transitions into a withering one, and more often than not without any knowledge of it.

Lately I have been of the opinion that this concept does not just apply to our bodies, it very much applies to our minds too.

When I look back at various events in my life, I remember how through most of them I had the feeling ‘this is just the beginning, a lot more good stuff are bound to come.’ Every vacation I enjoyed, I had the many more that are going to come at the back of my mind, every moment in life where I felt the love, deep down I believed there are numerous more on their way, every friendship I enjoyed I never worried about not having a possibility of not making new ones, every place I visited I knew that I had time to visit the same again or better it with an even better place.

I guess my mind has realised the descent. It does experience a sad meloncholy about what were and may never be. More disappointingly, has given in to the fact that the peak may have certainly been passed.

I am not liking this.

The descent

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