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I want to talk,

It is not easy being the tough one.

I need to talk,

My mind keeps going back to that dark day.

I wish to talk,

His face, his last movement, his last words.

I long to talk,

On the days when tears fill me up unexpectedly.

I should talk,

The fizz in me is on its brink.

I could talk.

Even though I have never ever been expressive.

I would talk.

If I ever found that one soul who would.

Sadly, without him, whom.

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A Steamy Affair

Eagerness would be an understatement,
As I open the door.
My mind draws blank,
As I stand before you naked.
Your first touch,
Leaves me gasping for air,
Tickling the chills out of me,
Giving me a goosebumps galore.
Few months ago, I hated your sight,
Yet today you soak me to my core.
Few months later, I will run far from you,
Yet today, you stroke me every inch.
You are my steamy affair,
Hot showers in cold December
Hot showers