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Extreme happiness gives us joy, extreme pleasure gives us delight. 

I chanced upon a podcast about delight, amidst other things it gave a brief introduction to “The book of delights” by Ross Gay. The book is a collection of essays on things which have given the author a sense of delight in his daily life. Before I read that book and get influenced by it, I thought, I should make a list of things which give me delight. I thought this could be a good exercise to cheer myself up. These days any source of a cheer is welcome, considering how depressed I feel most of the times.

Procreation is something which comes natural to living beings. I guess it is nature’s way of keeping itself alive. Procreation is also a game of patience. It literally takes months to see the result. Germinating seeds in my garden has given me immense happiness. Harvesting the seeds from some of my own plants, or our daily dose of veggies from our kitchen, sowing and tending to their whims and fancies, waiting what seems take an eternity, all these hardships are easily forgotten when you see those first hints of green, you know the best is going to follow. These little seedlings always have given me a sense of accomplishment, pure delight.

Children have this amazing ability to lighten the mood for everyone around them. My son can be very annoying at times, take my patience to its limit, give me chores that last well into the night. When he gets his innocent laughter going, there is nothing more delightful to the loving father in me. I find his laughter a reminder of those simple times in my life where life was good and with no conditions. The nonchalance with which he accepts happiness in his life and expresses the same in his laughter amazes me. I have tried to capture those moments on camera, in voice recordings, but in vain. They are meant just for living. My treasured delight.

I love travelling, I really love my vacations. Usually it gives me immense pleasure in planning my vacation. More than places to visit, elaborate planning goes into choosing places to eat on our vacations. I enjoy all types of vacation, solo ones, ones with my immediate family, and the ones with my extended families too. But there is one ritual in these vacations that I look forward to. This one has given me a sense of calmness and delight, which is the ideal combination. My vacation days begin with me waking up to a lazy morning filled with leisure, and me curling up on the balcony with my cup of hot coffee. The smell of fresh coffee adds a magic to these mornings spent lazing around in those unknown balconies. A delightful experience that I look forward to.

I am one of those people who take a long time to warm up to a conversation. It is not easy for me to have a casual talk. I am not so good with alcohol either,  I do enjoy a drink or two but I don’t play a typical drunk, and in fact I am much more sophisticated in my choice of coffee than alcohol. This doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good drink session. You need the right kind of people, and the topics just build up. A right drink acts like a perfect lubricant to get me talking. There are certain days when everything is just perfect, it just leaves you wanting more and more of it. The people who share my heart form a big part of these conversations.They may not be the ones who necessarily agree with me, but they are three ones who have their hearts in the right place. They are the ones who can keep me interested in topics which we are passionate about. A drink and a conversation, a bitter sweet delight.

There are beach people and there are us the mountain ones. I love mountains. There is something about how they stand firm with and against winds for years and years without a break. The idea of staying in the mountains has always been a big part behind my vacation plans. I have been fortunate to visit the Himalayas a number of times, and seen the various shades of this beauty. The mountain life is definitely not easy on people there, but still they have an infectious smile on their faces. There is definitely something in the mountain air which gives a spring in your steps, making us stand up to anything that life throws our way. Every stay of mine in the Himalayas has been memorable, and I wish to keep going there more often. The morning chill and the fresh air of these mountains are a delightful delight.

I have always admitted the fact that I am impatient. I expect things to fall into place quickly. I don’t give enough time for people to learn, discover, and implement things in their own way. However, there is one quality of mine which I think kind of makes up a bit for my impatience, that is perseverance. When it comes to problem solving, I have a decent amount of perseverance which helps me many times to solve complex issues both at work and in life. The feeling that you get, when you have cracked a difficult problem is worth all the hard work. To me that is much more than satisfying, it gives me a pleasureful delight. A friend of mine had remarked that I was one of the few people she knows who is genuinely in love with their work. I guess she is right about me, my role as a problem solver has given me many days of delight.

They say that people should never live in their past, I disagree. Living in my past has helped me to get through many difficult times. Lovely evenings are more tolerable with a memory or two with our loved ones. There is something about  reminiscing that helps us extend a past delight into our present. The time is definitely not even, but it is linear. Times that are well spent may never come back, however their memories can do. Reliving my delightful times, my time with all bits and pieces across the world, across the people, across time always makes for a delightful evening. 

I look forward to more of these, and many more new ones.

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