Everybody goes through ups and downs in life, route taken and the approach chosen talks a great deal about the person. So here it is, As I ramble through the pursuit, a little insight into the devils workshop

Rambler can be reached at rambler1981@gmail.com


16 thoughts on “About

  1. devils workshop??? wow! Reminds me of Shakespeare words……Hell is empty and all the devils are here……..I love this devil’s journey, the writings here, the words, poems and many many thoughts given to me. Like they say, there is devil dwelling within us, causes heartbreaks, confusion, happiness and then dies……another devil grows then………whtever it is, devil is more intersting than angles!
    After seeing the cup I am feeling to take the spoon and dissolve this rambler into the cappuccino….. 😀

  2. Interesting posts ! Don’t remember how I located your page, but worth all the time I spent reading those posts and will definitely come back 🙂 Keep writing till then…

    PS: Loved esp. the ‘wanna think’ section !!

  3. Thank you for taking the time out to stop by my page and leave a comment, much appreciated. Don’t give anything to write a paragraph like mine, give yourself over to your writing and create something better. 🙂

    You’re work is really upbeat, hard to find writers that write nice these days. I’ll be adding you to my blog roll.

  4. Again, tahks for your words, really I think you understand me very well and it makes me happy. I’ll visit your blog with calm, because I think that your words are very interesting, I’ve read some posts and you express very well feelings.
    Again thanks.

  5. it’s really my great pleasure today that i found such a great blogger. Thanks to my brother that he sent me link to read your blog and i think it’s my new year’s memorable gift. Really very nice way of expressing feelings.Sky is the only limit for me now as i have gone most of your blogs like a love at first sight only. i don’t know what more to say 🙂

  6. Stumbled across your blog today and I must say that I liked what I read 🙂 ………..you seem to really write from your heart and express your thoughts, confusions, whatever little goes on in there. Nicely ecking out your experiences the way your mind nd your heart interprets them… Nice blog !!

  7. Googled “hamsa ksheera nyaya” and the first hit was your blog. As someone mentioned above, its a love at first sight for me too, I am going through each and every posts here..Thanks.

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