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Book list 2011

There was a time when I used to update my book shelf  regularly. Well there was a time when I used to blog regularly.

Anyhow, I have made it a point to update the book shelf atleast once a year, and finally todays the chosen day for book list 2011.

2011 was an year of new ventures when it comes to books. I finally broke away from my known territory of non fiction, and made major inroads into fiction.  Towards the end of the year I also experimented with Science Fiction with considerably good results.   I also had a good year in terms of numbers, 25 books in 12 months was way above my usual numbers. No wonder I haven’t been blogging. 2011 also saw a major addition to my book shelf, the Kindle.

The pillars of the earth Ken Follett **

A historical fictional story set in medieval times. Gives a brief insight into architectural masterpieces and what goes behind them. Huge book in terms of pages. In between had a feeling that I was watching a television series or a bollywood movie. In all an OK read

Dork Sadin Vidukut *

Got mislead by a charming cover, and a unknown familiarity to the title. This is one of those time pass books which have flooded Indian book shops. I did laugh over a couple of pages, but then in all a very dull affair.

Urban Shots Paritosh Uttam *

I expected the book to be good. Its actually a collection of short stories, many of them which I could not relate to, or sounds too filmy. Definitely worth a skip.

Corporate Atyaachaar Abhay Nagarajan *

This was probably the book which made me stop buying contemporary [Read Chetan Bhagat Wannabes] indian books. Books   set either in IIM’s IIT’s or today’s corporate world, with a story plot which involves an underdog making it big or having an OK life at the end of all campus fun seems to be the plot of all books these days.

Wish Melina Geroza Bellows *

I picked this up at a second hand online book auction. Its actually categorized under chick lit. Unfortunately I didn’t read much about the book and just ordered. Its an OK book, which my wife liked more than me. If you are one those who like sex and the city, then probably you would like to read this book.

The prince of mist Carloz Ruiz Zafon **

After having loved Angel’s game and Shadow of the wind, I wanted to read the Prince of Mist written by Zafon. This was actually meant for young adults. The highlight of the book according to me is the writing style and the emphasis given to expressions of the young adults in the plot. The images are so vivid that one can actually see the book unfold in 3D.

Dreaming in Hindi Katherine Russell Rich *

This book is about a person suffering from a serious illness accepting a writing assignment which requires her to travel to India and study hindi. I actually loved the plot of the book, and had high expectations from it. This book was very boring, and had to struggle to finish it. May be its the lack of humor or the dry presentation. The book didn’t work for me at all.

84 Charing cross road Helene Hanff ***

I think this must be one of the most read books in the world. The book does not fail to meet the expectations. Its a collection of letters written by a reader to a book store. What I liked the most about the book was the innocence which is evident in the letters. I actually wanted to read some more when the book ended. Definitely worth a read.

Delhi Adventures in a megacity Sam Miller *

I started reading this because of my strange fixation towards travelogues. This is actually a very good and detailed documentation of Sam Miller about the Delhi city. If I had probably read this an year back I might have loved it, Now that the reader in me is spoiled because of all the spice of fiction, this book came across as a very bland one. I actually remembered the passages when I was recently in delhi, reading the road side boards.

Agastya [Kannada] ***

This is a detailed story of the sage Agastya. If you are into mythology and keen on reading more about not much written about people, this is a must read. It also helped considering I was recently watching a lot of documentaries on the subject.

Animal Farm George Orwell ***

If there is any book which can come close to Jonathan Livingston Seagull, it has to be this one. The idea of a fable being used to depict something as big as this one, is an amazing thing a writer can accomplish. Its a small book, but very profound. Yet again a must read.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go! Dr Seuss **

Its actually a kids book, but fun to read. If you are a parent, you should definitely read this to your children.

1984 A Novel George Orwell ****

Probably one of the best book I read in 2011. I got hooked onto it like a magnet. The book has amazing narrative and puts you in a complex set of motions. I just love the ending, and the eventuality with which the story unfolds. A must read.

Aleph Paulo Coelho *

Paulo Coelho has never been this disappointing. Apart from a couple of quotes, I did not relate to the whole book. Its as though the author is trying to describe a huge phenomenon which is extremely hard to believe in. I would rather reread eleven minutes.

The Great Gatsby Scott F. Fitzgerald ***

This is a good little book. Its very different from the usual ones, and an unusual love story. At the end of the book, it makes you wonder, can it happen like this?. I have heard they are making a movie on this book with Leo De Caprio. One thing is for sure, I will not watch the movie.

Anna Karenina Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy, Joel Carmichael **

If you are game for a looooong unending filmy tale of people, this book is for you. I struggled to finish this one, and almost visualized a tele series with Ekta Kapoor directing this.
One thing which I liked about the book was its setting. It is set in Russia, and the culture and the attitude of the people there was something which I was not aware of. This book gave a pretty insight into medieval Russian outlook.

Indian calendar system ***

Its a book describing Indian calendar system and mathematical principles behind this. It explained so many things which I used to follow blindly. If anyone is interested in Indian calendar, and significance of various special days we follow, this is a must read book.

Devuru DVG [Kannada] ***

This is a short essay in kannada written by DVG, arguably the greatest Kannada poet of all times. Its about explaining GOD and his features. There is no myth in the essay, its just a collection of advantages disadvantages of belief in god, the characters of such an almighty and more discussion about the same. A definite read for all the people. Its also available in English.

Wise and other wise Sudha Murthy **

A collection of short writings by Sudha Murthy. Its a good read.

The finkler’s question Howard Jacobson **

It gives a good insight about jewish culture, and also is humorous at many parts. Its about a Christian who has a doubt that he is a jew. Its about a looser and things he goes through in life. Its a fun read.

The Postman Always Rings Twice Cain, James M. ***

Its a mystery. Its set in olden times in America. I had fun reading some parts of it.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Hitchhiker’s Guide, #1) Adams, Douglas ***

My first attempt at reading science fiction. The book makes you imagine a lot. The idea of a space travel, and earth being an experiment kind of intrigues the reader.

 If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler Calvino, Italo **

I have to admit, this must be the book with the most bizarre narrative I have ever read. Its very confusing, and very difficult to follow. But thats the selling point of the book. There is no way I can describe the book in few sentences. A very unique read.

Foundation (Foundation, #1) Asimov, Isaac ***

Foundation, The first of the books in the trilogy, had me glued to it for most of the time. The fictional aspect of the book is good and different. What struck me most is the similarity between the content and Indian Mythology. I actually would love to do a long post on parallels between the two. A must read book.

Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller **

I had heard a lot about this book. I had borrowed this once from the library in 2009 and had returned after reading a few pages. The book has too much explicit content and language for my comfort. However This time around I could complete the book. I couldn’t find the reason for the hype around the book. Its about an American in France, who is leading a close to a homeless life doing small chores in France. His frustration with life and sexual encounters form the main plot of the book.

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Book list 2010

I have finally accomplished a task that I was postponing for a long time now. Its like one of those special things, which you want to do, you hardly have any reason to not do it, but still not do it.

So here it is, I have finally updated my book shelf page here.

I want to do detailed reviews for each of the books, which I might finally end up doing for a few books. Until then, may be I can do a little recap of what of these books  remains in my conscience.

Have a Little Faith Mitch Albom ***

This book was a gift from a group of friends. Its strange an year down the line I hardly have contact with any of them for various reasons. Any how, Mitch Albom who wrote “Tuesday’s With Morrie” has tried hard to reach the brilliance of that book. The book is similarly structured as a bunch of conversations between a Rabbi and Mitch. There are several parts of the book which I liked immensely, but I ended up mentally comparing everything with the former book, and that in a way made this book inferior. On the whole a good read, a little repetitive though

Wings of Fire A P J Kalam **

I wanted to read this book from a long time, I have been intrigued by this former President of India as I have heard conflicting remarks on this person. A lot of people treat Mr Kalam with high regards, and some have an opinion that he is a better manager than a scientist. This book though, is well written, and gives us an insight into various missions and difficulties. It was kind of motivating for the nerd in me, but failed to motivate me enough to quit my job and join one of the premier science institutes.

English August by Upamanyu Chatterjee **

This was a fun read, I really liked the pun, conflicts and the monologues of this IAS officer Augustine who gets posted in a remote town in India. Its a fun journey as he understand how an office works, and the perks and problems of being an IAS officer. I have heard there is a movie about the book, It would  be fun to try catching up on that as well. All in all, a fun read, for people who have my sense of humor.

In Xanadu William Dalrymple *

A travelogue, one of my favorite genre’s, set in a region which I have never explored in person and in books. Did I need any more reasons to pick this book?.  This book is about a journey of couple of people, in the path of Marco Polo, to the mythical destination “Xanadu”. The places and problems they go through are interesting, and at times unbelievable. Somewhere it kind of becomes a bit boring. Even though it should have got a 2 star rating, I reduced it to a single star, considering my passion for travelogues

Sea of Poppies Amitav Ghosh *

If Ekta kapoor ever wrote a book, it would be of this kind. Its long, never ending, boring tale set in rural India. If this was every made into a serial, I am sure it would be a big hit. To me it was a total waste of time, and at the end to discover this does not have an ending is even more disturbing.

Broken Wings Kahlil Gibran *

Kahlil Gibran has  some serious insights in a simple manner, I have always liked his books. But this was slightly not so interesting, I felt that most of the works were a little time[era] dependent.

The company of woman Kushwant Singh *

This is my first book written by Kushwant Singh. He is one of those famously infamous authors, whom you hear so much about. I wanted to start with one book, which has caused a lot of controversy, and I got hold of this one. I didnt find the humor, nor the sensitivity I was looking for. Its just an overdose of the physicality with no emotion evident.  I was really sad that I started with this book of his.

The Fountainhead Ayn Rand ****

Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand ****

Two of the best books I have read, not just in the last year, but in my lifetime. There is no way I could summaries or talk about the books in few sentences. This is one of those books, which will remain with you forever, till death and beyond. I just love Ayn Rands take on selfishness, and her hatred for altruism. I wish I could find more people who are passionate about this book, for me to discuss the book with them.

Japanese Wife Kunal Basu *

This is a collection of short stories, popular because of a movie made on one of them. The Japnese wife, well after an year of reading the book, I dont remember anything about it. I remember that I didnt like many of them, nothing special in it

The Angel’s Game Carlos Ruiz Zafon **

A sequel to one of my favorite books “The shadow of the wind”. This is in a way continuation of the intriguing cemetery of the books. I am big hater of fantasy, but the mystic nature of this continues to intrigue me. The story is a well woven, interesting, and keeps the reader interested till the end. Its not as good as its predecessor, but a real good read.

The next set of books are in Kannada. The number being just 3 kind of makes me sad. May be next year I will have more even numbers.

Avarana S L Bhyrappa ***

A very controversial book. Well all books by Bhyrappa are controversial, however this one must be the most talked about books in recent times. There are more than 30 books published, just to debate this novel from him. It has a lovely style of narration, something new, and something really unique. Its about islamic routes in india, woven around a modern day tale of an hindu women who marries a muslim. The problems she goes through and her challanges forms the backbone, and the history of islam in india forms the other part of this book. One of the must read books for every indian.

Parva S L Bhyrappa ***

If you are a big fan of Indian mythology, and love the interpretations of it. This is the book for you. Parva is Bhyrappa’s take on the epic Mahabaratha. You shouldn’t be reading this, if you cannot take the sacred epic deconstructed. I remember my relatives discussing this book long time back, and the subject had intrigued me even back then. Some of the aspects of the mahabharatha, which you couldnt even think of are so well told in this book. Well what can I say,  if you want some reading fun, pick this book up.

Samskara U R Anantha Murthy **

A very short books, very different line of thought from Bhyrappa. The book is about a person who has died, and people fighting as to who should do the final rites of the person. In a way its a satire on hindu society, especially the brahmin community. It is good in parts, and in subject.

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I have been reading

Last few weeks has been high on productivity when it comes to my reading, I seem to have gobbled few books thanks to the fort worth library and their wonderful service.

I began with Augusten Burroughs, I sort of developed a liking to his style of writing after reading his “possible side effects”, and this is his 3rd book which I am reading. A Wolf at the Table: A Memoir of My Father, is a memoir about the author’s troubled relation with his father. It was very believable in parts, but at parts it was too dramatic to be real. I like his style of writing, which is adds a touch of humor to the serious topic being discussed. At places I felt I could relate in a way to the child’s thought process that he has depicted in the book. In all a decent book.

About a Boy by Nick Hornby, This was my shot at what I would term a time pass novel, no wonder I came to know its been made into a movie. This is a romantic comedy, about a relationship between a commitment freak Casanova and a kid who is being raised by a single mom. Many episodes in the book appears to be straight out of movie. I again liked character of the boy and more so of his eccentric girl. This was a real time pass, if you are not a serious reader and like romantic comedy movies, then this book is right for you

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, This is a very famous book amongst readers, and I had seen it on the shelf many times, somehow I am not into hyped books, never feel like jumping on them. This time too this was borrowed not by me, but my friend under my card. Since I had some time left before this was due, I kind of started reading this. To tell it in short it was a good book, I liked the depiction of Afghanistan and the harsh realities the author brings out, at many places you would want to dismiss the book saying it isn’t real, but the sad part is that, it is.
The Curious Incident of the Dog by Mark Haddon. This came as a total surprise, I did not expect this teen fiction would be this good. I just picked it up because the picture on the cover excited me and the description at the end of course.  I had never heard about the author nor the book. This is about a boy who is a little nerdy, good with mathematics, who tries to solve the murder mystery of a neighbor hood dog. If you think the plot is silly, you would be surprised how well the author has woven the story and the suspense. Its as though I am beginning to like troubled characters a lot. There were episodes in the book, which were extremely well written, heart felt and very real. If you like my kind of books, you will like this :).

So guys here’s the next one on my desk, right now.
The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid: A Memoir by Bill Bryson

by the way, the book shelf on the blog has been updated too, go check it out.

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Kundera’s lightness of being.

After a long time I found a book which interested me till the end, and has kept me thinking about it ever since. There are some books which make a lot of sense once you finish it, and reminisce about the sentences and apply it to real life. Milan Kundera’s “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” has been such a book for me.

Here are some of the parts which I liked, and some are more thought provoking so would like to post them as a theory of pursuit post later.

Talking about coincidences, the author writes.”Our day-to-day life is bombarded with fortuities or, to be more precise , with the accidental meetings of people and events we call coincidences. “Co-incidence” means that two events unexpectedly happen at the same time, they meet:. Human lives are composed like music, Guided by his sense of beauty, an individual transforms a fortuitious occurrence into a motif, which then assumes a permanent place in the composition of the individuals life

He has this amazing paragraph about goals, he says “Anyone whose goal is “something higher” must expect some day to suffer vertigo. What is vertigo? Fear of falling?. Then why do we feel it even when the observation tower comes equipped with a sturdy handrail? No vertigo is something other than fear of falling. It is the voice of the emptiness below us which temps and lures us, it is the desire to fall against which, terrified , we defend ourselves“. We all have our vertigos, don’t we?, when someone puts it such simple words it makes me wonder about all the times I have feared about falling, literally and figuratively. We do know there are so many things which can make us prevent us from falling, and we also know there are hundreds of things which can lure us into doing it. We have vertigo’s all through our life, be it with a goal, or without it. He quotes “Pick me up, is the message who keeps falling, and her partner kept picking her up, patiently”.

Speaking of motifs, and life’s music, he says, “When people are fairly young and musical compositions of their lives is still in its opening bars, they can go about writing it together and exchange motifs, but if they meet when they are older, their musical compositions are more or less complete, and every motif, every object, every word means something different to each of them“. hmm this I have a question, so does it really mean, two people at various periods of their life can never have a beautiful music together?, will the meaning differ to them so much. Practically thinking I tend to agree with this, but my heart says not to.

Author writes, “The pleasure suffusing his body called for darkness. That darkness was pure, perfect, thoughtless, visionless, that darkness was without end, without borders, that darkness was infinite we each carry within us. He himself disintegrated and dissolved into the infinity of his darkness, himself becoming infinite. But the larger a man grows in his own inner darkness, the more his outer form diminishes, A man with closed eyes is a wreck of a man.” Interesting, this is about a person who is used to closing his eyes during moments of pleasure, and it meant so much more to me.

Kundera tries to define flirtation, and I found it really amusing, he says. “What is flirtation? One might say that it is a behavior leading another to believe that sexual intimacy is possible, while preventing that possibility from becoming a certainty. In other words, flirting is a promise of sexual intercourse without a guarantee.” Now kids, all of you how found this one interesting, secretly raise your hands.

Speaking of uniqueness in a person he says, “What is unique about the “I” hides itself exactly in what is unimaginable about a person. All we ae able to imagine is what makes everyone like everyone else, what people have in common. The individual “I” is what differs from the common stock, that is, what cannot be guessed at or calculated. What must be unveiled, uncovered, conquered.” Its a really interesting theory, that what makes a person individual, is what we cannot imagine about the person, if it is something imaginable, then thats common. Try this exercise, think of a person who you think is unique, and then try to imagine his/her unique characteristic, now you think of other people who you know have that same characteristic, now the original person does not seem all that unique at all.

Here’s a quote from the book which made complete sense in context of the story, but then still am wondering what it could mean to us in real life, “A husband’s funeral is a wife’s true wedding The climax of her life’s work! The reward for her sufferings!“. Does it make any sense to you ?

Another such quote, which makes a whole lot of sense, but I am not able to comprehend here, ” Happiness is the longing for repetition

There are many things in the book which I found really worth thinking about, and am still thinking about them. couple of more posts to follow.

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All in a day


The new year saw me traveling on the very first day, and being the lazy ass that I am, I seem to have had something to sulk about every single step of the journey.

I reached the railway station, about 45 minutes before the scheduled departure.

Bangaluru international airport 0

The long travel to the airport meant that I chose, the closer option, Railways, and having never traveled executive class in Indian railways, I kind of looked forward to the journey

The train was 20 minutes late to start with, this made me sit and sulk at the station, waiting impatiently for the train to come. This also meant that I was few pages into the book I had with me even before I stepped into the train.

Even though the train was late, I was really surprised with the hospitality shown in the executive class, its almost like the business class air travel, except that there is no alcohol. 

I was happy to know that I got the best possible seat in the coach, right next to a window. Actually its more like right next to a opaque wall, where there had to be a window, and now its just a dummy border left behind

For most part of the five hour journey, I was trying not to look front. It turned out that a middle aged couple in the front seat had come with a plan to educate me with their version of “In train” entertainment, PDA, just imagine having to see a coochie-coo-ing couple every time you lift your head from your book. Well if you think why it is that big a deal to me, you can check my thoughts over here.

The next day, got myself out of bed very early, its fun to be in a nice hot shower early in the morning, not having to worry about how much water is left in the tank isn’t it?.

So what is this with the new age females, well on one side people say women need equality, more respect, more responsibility, and here I was standing in one of the premiere places  and I see many girls being accompanied by their dad’s for the interviews. Its clearly mentioned in the interview letter, that the applicant should not be accompanied, and the anybody apart from the applicant are not allowed, still these girls want their dads to tag along. May be in many cases, it was not the girls who wanted, but the dad’s who could not let their girls go alone. Don’t you trust your girls?, so if you think they can’t even attend the interviews alone, how do you think they will manage all alone later once they get through?, man beats my logic. What happened to feminism, and self sufficiency. 

So while at Chennai, I had a terrible sense of directions, I must have got lost like 3 times within a span of 3 hours, within a short radius of 100 mts, I could see myself taking out the map I had, and almost stepping on it to get a sense of direction, remember the friends episode where Joey tries to use the map in London, by stepping on to it?, I almost did that here.

What happens when you leave a guy alone at an unknown city, with not much to do, and a landmark near by?, well a financial disaster is what that happens. I kind of went on a book shopping spree for few hours in the hot and stinky city. Here’s the list

The mysteries of Pittsburgh”  Michael Chabon

The unbearable lightness of being” Milan Kundera

The beautiful basics of science” Natalie Angier

The broken wings” Kahlil Gibran

Catch 22” Joseph Heller

While at Chennai I also got to do one thing which I had not done for quite some time now, visit a café alone. I entered this posh looking CCD on some road, it looked up scale shopping complex, as it had only high priced shops like Hi-design, and Ritu Beri’s boutique and stuff. I entered, settled into a small corner sipping my usual Latte. It was kind of deserted, being the fore noon of a working day.

Finally I got to read a local news paper, which happened to carry an article about the new and hep pick up line of the season. Apparently women are falling for “happy new year”, and it is the new ice breaker around the town of Chennai. Guys remember, next time around you are in a bar in Chennai, and see a good looking woman whom you wan’t to pick start with “happy new year”

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Books, Movies, etc

I have been highly irregular with respect to blogging these days, and the worst part was that, when I read posts on my reader, my mind was too restless to even consider reading the entire post. Reason, a very hectic schedule at work and wierd timings making it even more unbearable.

Anyways mood today has been great, and I guesss its time I spoke about what I have read and what I have seen over few weeks. I tried to diversify my interests in books, picking up things unknown, and on various subjects, and results have been a mixed bag.

Into thin air – John krakauer
I picked up this one, some time back, thinking this was on of the books by “On the Road” author, but when I came home and found out it wasn’t I had kind of slipped it to back of my shelf. One of these days, I picked this up from the shelf, and started reading, this is about the toughest season of the mount everest climb, and a real life travel memoir, if you want to say that. To say the least, I loved the book, A genre I had never read before, I could picture every single detail the author had highlighted about the climb and the descent. The feeling of the pain, the hardships, the joy of the climb, is very well told. I guess a very good read.

Lunatic in my head – Anjum hasam 
I think I had read about this one some time back on Piya’s blog, and it was on back of my mind, and when I saw the book during the landmark sale, I just picked it up. This one is set up on the backdrop of north east India, Shillong to be particular. I generally like these kind of books, because it gives a great insight to lifestyle of people from different parts. This is inter woven collection of three stories all interlinked in a way, which you realize as you get deeper into the book. I felt the book was pretty average, and I continued to read it only because I had started it, through out the book at no place I felt excited to continue reading. So I guess all in all pretty disappointing venture.

The ninth life of Louis drax – Liz Jensen
This was a book I picked up totally based on my instinct, this was again a genre which I had never attempted before, a psychological supernatural thriller. I agree this isn’t a thriller as the cover claims, and neither supernatural in the true sense, but then a very effective one. Even though it is not one of those books, which you can take away a lot from, but then a book which kept me excited about what happens next kind of way. I felt they could have emphasized a lot more on the emotional aspect of the story, but then may be the author wanted to write more of a thriller. One of those books which can be easily turned into a movie.

Speaking of movies, I have been watching a lot these days, both English and Hindi, like books they too have been a mixed bag for me.

Annie Hall
I have never seen a Woody Allen movie before, and this was my first experience of him. I knew he was a ‘different’ film maker, somehow I had never watched his movies. One thing I loved about the movie was the narration style, something I found unique with the movie. The idea of the characters breaking of from the story to speak to the audience excited me. His choice of subject was also extremely good, trying to show the complex intricacies in a relationship. However I thought, the screen play could have been better, and also the story could have been a little more. Final feeling, good, but nothing great.

One thing that caught my attention was its tagline “Love is desolate. Romance is temporary. Sex is forever”. I wanted to take the risk, it could one of those shady porn movies, or something which really talks about the subject of isolating romance from the physical relationship. Idea of a man loving a person just for love, and having an aversion to the sexual relationship kind of intrigued me. At the same time, idea of a woman, who wants to consummate in her relationship, but having to just settle for someone else, just for the sake of ‘it’ also excited me. It does have a lot of nudity, unimaginable to watch with friends or family, or even your partner if you were me, but then I would still watch it for the concept.

Kung Fu Panda
I am a big animation fan, and this was on my must watch list from a long long time. Idea of Kung Fu, and an animal kingdom setup somewhere in china, was a big draw. Some sequences in the movie are too good, the fight sequences are very well animated, specially the one involving chop sticks and the momos. But the story is a big downer, nothing special, in a way passable movie

2 days in paris.
I saw the movie, only for one reason, Julie Delpy, the director and actress in the movie, she is the leading lady from the movies Before sunrise/sunset, both movies which I like a lot. This is an English movie, and has a lot of French in between, many dialogues I couldn’t make out at all, and in a conversation based movie [which I love always], I felt miserable not able to make out what they were really talking about. Anyways as I did not get most of the movies, I will refrain from commenting about the movie 😀

Oye Lucky Lucky Oye
A surprisingly likable movie, is how I would put it. The actors have done a great job, the actress looks beautiful even though she is just for few scenes, and has pretty much nothing to do, after a long time I felt her as someone genuinely my type ;). The real winner of the movie is screenplay and its slick editing, not even once I felt bored, or had no urge to even go fetch something to eat. Even though the story is ordinary, the treatment given to it is high class. The other big plus point in the movie, is its casting, if they had gone for some star, I think it would have ruined the mood of the movie. If any of you have liked movies I have liked before, you would love this one.

Dil Kabaddi
A boring movie and a complete dud, I kind of lost interest after first 30 minutes, and kind of lazily skipped the rest of the movies, just listening to dialogues, as i read few blogs, and chatted with my friends on gtalk. One good new thing in the movie is that, for the first time, I see a commercial hindi cinema, isolating sex from relationship, and treating it as just another aspect of human life. Causality with which the subject is dealt with throughout the movie is definitely a new thing in this movie. One advice though, please do give this movie a skip, totally not worth wasting your time.

Sorry Bhai
A movie which got good reviews, so kind of had low expectations from it. The movie is very slow, very less story, not great dialogues, and average music. 3 good things in the movie though, 1. Sharman Joshi, I think he has given a very honest performance, kind of liked his acting in this one. 2. The leading actress, Chitrangada singh looks too good, and again, 2nd person to get into my list, which seems to be easily accepting people now a days. 3. Wit in Boman Irani’s dialogues, some of them are genuinely funny, and some over the top.
What would have really made this a great movie, would be some really interesting conversation between the lead pair, I mean these kind of emotional movies, need good words, and deep ones, somehow I found that was lacking in the movie.

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A new page

I have not been an avid reader, and have just started to explore the wonderful world of books. Blog world has always helped in chosing books with suggestions and reviews, and I thought it would be really good to have a platform here on my blog where I can interact with others and share views regarding books I have read. I have come up with a list of books I have read, and also the ones which I have bought but yet to read. I am hoping that this page will be used to discuss these books, and also people will come out with more and more suggestions for me to read. 

I also decided to rate the books, purely based on my personal opinion and how much I liked reading the same. 

So guys, I have added a new page to the blog, you can see that right on the right top corner, I have decided to call it “My book shelf“, So come on  over and shoot your opinion.

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Random Randomness #42/08

Guys Random Randomness series is back, I know its been a long time, and am sure many of new people around here have not seen the old series I used to do, so if you have not read the previous posts in the series please do check out the posts “Random Randomness”

Random memories:
I do not get involved too much into tv shows [or that is what I claim], specially when it is a reality show, I think most of them are rigged, and drama thrown in to increase the viewership, but one show which I have been watching from long time is “Indian Idol”. Season 4 has started and like  all other seasons, I am watching this one as well. The initial rounds are the ones which I enjoy the most, I love to see the faces in the audition rounds, because you get total entertainment watching some really good and bad voices.
What I love the most about these rounds are the memories they bring back to me, the memories of the campus interviews from 6 years back, when we used to go do the entrance test for companies, and then they used to come out and announce names of people who made through to the next round, that anxiety and anticipation with which we used to wait and the tension which used to build. The show brings back memories, of joy when you get to finally hear that you have made it to the final list.

Random Musings:
If you are struck in a confined space with just another person, and you start smelling something stale, you look around and see that the windows are closed, and the only source of foul smell is the other person probably breaking wind. 
I am sure we would have come across this situation many times, every time I end up in one such, only thought that comes to my mind is that, “what would be going on in the other person’s mind, would he/she realize I know its him/her, if yes, how would they react”. 🙂

Random wonderings:
I always wonder how one man’s music is other man’s noise. I always have this liking towards songs with not too much of a loud music. You see a car go by, and you can here the stereo, and all you can make out is this sound “dink chick”, I hate such songs. On the contrary I see people who travel along with me, or use my personal music system complain how I can listen to such boring songs early in the mornings. See one man’s music and other’s noise.

Random books:
I just finished reading “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. . This is my second book from the author, like the first one which was Memories of My Melancholy whores this too I found a little boring, I liked it in parts, on the whole not such an impressive book. 

Random conversation:
Rambler had a conversation with a colleague who seem to be blaming his marriage for his inability to take risks. So lets call this colleague K.
K: Man you should finish all your things before marriage, if you are planning a change of company or further studies, just finish it now. Once you are married you cannot take any risks.
Rambler: Oh yeah, After marriage, you loose the ability to “take” things, you will just be “given” things instead 🙂
I guess now Rambler is one step closer to be called “smart mouth”

Random complaints:
People, when will we start having better public toilets?, recently I had the [mis]fortune of having to use the public toilet in one of the malls, it was not a small place, so people, only educated ones come around the place. I expected the place to be a little clean at least. But man was I wrong, I think people do not have the habit of flushing at all, or may be they eat something so nasty that the flushing does not seem to help. What ever it is, I just wish they grow up.

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It feels great to achieve goals. Goals and aims are such important part of our lives, unless we want to achieve something how will we focus in its direction, rather how would we realize what our focus should be on.

The only way I know to achieve my goals, is hard work and complete determination. As far as I can remember this what has been taught to me, more importantly this is what I have used to achieve what I have set out for. This is something which we all have realized from the life of so many great personalities, people we all are proud about.

Goals are not achieved easily, many of them take up your whole life, and almost each of them deserve such a determination and dedication for a lifetime, some even beyond. Most of use do not even think a little before involving ourselves with such dedication, the kind of passion just comes natural.

Even a small of thought about the failure, or that of being unable to meet the goal, is a step in the negative direction, and definitely they should not be entertained. I am not saying one should not calculate the risks involved, or may be develop backup plans and alternate routes to the goal, but trying to convince oneself its ok not to achieve the goal, isn’t that something very negative?.

I am someone who has always believed that my tomorrow is something which I can determine, rather atleast can be made the way I want it to be. A positive approach for sure. I believe that we can definitely influence the way our tomorrow will be, and with our hard work and efforts change the way it shapes up.

I would rather not complain that things happened this way, instead prefer to say I did the things this way, both good or bad. I guess I would rather prefer to be responsible for things happening to me, and around me rather than just be a witness.

Guys how many of you people are with me till this point, if not all the points how many of you agree with the majority of the points?.

I know I do not follow them to the core, I rather aspire to do many of those things. I have made my ideologies based on many of those principles and for even a moment, I have never doubted them.

Remember the book I was talking about “here” , well going by the books philosophy, every point of my belief system is a sure shot at unhappiness in life, and the main cause for out health problems. When I read this topic, for a day or so I was completely dismissive of the philosophy in the book, but really made me think, its not easy to ignore the arguments he puts forward.

So here lets look at the same points from his perspective.

Goals are a means of restricting ourselves, when we have goals all we concentrate upon are achieving them, in the course forgetting simple pleasures in life, in way preventing ourselves from achieving a lot more things then just what we set out for.

He agrees that is good to prepare for your goal, and be complete prepared for the obstacles on the way, however is it really worth spending our whole life in the pursuit?, in a way when we are struck to our goal, our whole life is unknowingly controlled by it, and in a way we loose our independence, and in turn happiness.

Somebody who does not care about the goal, someone who is fine with both achieving and not achieving the goal, is a lot less pressurized and in a better frame of mind to do things. This does not mean don’t work towards the goal, but it also means that be clear that its ok if you don’t achieve it.

Sounds so much alien to me, but I have to admit sounds true as well.

He says its foolish to want tomorrow to be a certain way, he says that its best for one to prepare for the “tomorrow”, rather then work towards shaping it, because when it does not end up the way we want it, we end up far more disappointed, rather if we had prepared to face it the way it comes, we would have the thrill of living it as it comes.

An interesting theory for sure.

He says there is a lot more happiness in accepting that the thing happened, rather then trying to be the person who “does” things. The lesser “I” involved in the life, lesser the sadness and disappointment one goes through. Being a witness to an event, gives you a lot more in life rather than being the cause, one gets to concentrate, focus a lot more in being the witness, than the times one gains through being the cause.

More ramblings to follow….

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