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2019 mythbusters

2019 has been a year of myth buster of sorts. It appears that life keeps coasting along with not many changes, and then comes a year, once in a while, which kind of jerks the pace of our lives. 2019 has been once such year to me. Professionally speaking I have been coasting along for quite a while now, and personally too I have enjoyed a major event free life for a while now. A level plane can be looked at both, with happy contentment, and an unhappy anticipation. I guess I was more of the happy contentment kind of guy.

I have been a workaholic from my school days, I don’t mind slogging and I am kind of proud of using it as my differentiator. Endurance and perseverance have been my virtues. 2019 gave me a rare low workwise, to be able to slack a bit. With not much expected out of me, I could laze around a bit. I discovered lazy can be fun too. Long coffee breaks, chat sessions, thought breaks, you name it I have had it this year. It gave me some time to reskill myself, but also a lot of time just to relax and enjoy some time off. It’s really fun to be lazy.

Having a busy work life means, personal life invariably suffers. I hardly spent any time with my son in last few years. Last few months have been a boon when it comes to parenthood. I am really surprised by my teaching skills, and my ability to create a project out of everything. I am extremely proud parent to have thought my son a language, math skills and some general stuff over the last few months. My 6-year-old son is not entirely happy though, to surrender his free time. Having time with kids is really important to build the bond. I had been always guilty of not spending enough time with my son, this year has been amazing when it comes to family time.  Parent in me, has left me pleasantly surprised.

We love to be happy, we all do. A great aspect of hindu religion is to not instil any guilt in happiness. The true essence of happiness is in enjoying it. Last few months have been good in removing a lot of guilt from my happiness. Having time, kind of reduces the reason to be running short of it all the time, when you are doing something, you are not constantly worried about things which you are missing out on. This kind of helps you to enjoy what you are doing now, and in a way enjoy the happiness of “now”. It made me realize, it is OK to enjoy happiness and there is nothing else more important than that enjoyment.

Anxiety was to the fore in so many ways. After a long time, I did not know what is is going to happen in near future, I had no idea what is right, how much risk is too much, how much of laid back is too laid back. I hate anxiety and am too poor in coping up with it. Well guess what, surprise surprise, I got past it like a pro. I was super relaxed [comparatively] for most part of it, and I even enjoyed that state a bit.

2020 promises to be an exciting new year, with lots on the anvil. I am going to miss my free time, hopefully 2019 has taught me enough skills to be able to balance my life a little better.

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Entering a temple

As I was walking into my workplace today I saw a man walking in ahead of me. He did not have the employee badge, buy his attire he looked like he works as one of the support staff.  As we were both about to enter the automated glass door, he did something which caught my eye. He touched the glass and touched his forehead and his eyes. [This is a gesture called “kannigotkolodu”, in other words saluting a divine entity]. We usually do this when we are praying to the god, or entering a temple as we consider the temple a divine abode. His action was impulsive and am sure it was part of  his daily routine.

I do not think his gesture is blind faith or superstition. In it, I see a lot of respect for the place which is giving him his livelihood. His act made me think,

How many of us employees have this feeling of entering a temple as we enter our workplace?.

Do we really value and respect our job as much?

Are values like these outdated in todays fast paced IT world?

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Alpha male and you..

He was an alpha male, one need not be judgmental to say that. He was mean, fearless, speaking ill to the face, back stabbing, and could use any means to prove to his colleagues his superiority. He was feared by almost everyone who worked with him, not because he was all the things  said before, but most importantly he knew what he was doing, and almost every single time he took a stand, he took the right one. Thats something you admired in him, being able to be right almost every time, taking stands against people, even his superiors, spreading terror, and throwing open challenges. He was almost like an older, evil version of you.

He was around 55, he had a daughter older than you, and a girl friend younger to you. One could easily make out that he liked flirting, A biker, someone who was in shape, did a lot of flashy activities, just someone who knew how to live his life.

When it comes to work, you too never shied from challenges. You never took people head on, but then you were not the one to give up either. Someone like him, was your ultimate challenge. Debating with him, disagreeing with him and proving him you were correct and he wrong, was something you looked forward to. Even though rare, you did get to do that many a times, and you were rewarded with his trust, and more importantly respect. When such a guy thinks he could share a problem, which he is solving, with you, and then asks for your opinion on it, that day my friend brings the ultimate satisfaction which no promotion could give you.

At 55 when he is still ruling the professional world, what if one day he shares with you, a story of his painful breakup. The girl who he made him move cities, someone whom really cared about, someone who shared his passions, had decided to go her own way, living him devastated.

For the first time you get to see the human side of him, his vulnerabilities, his insecurities, his pain. He is still the terror he was to people, even to you he is still the same fearless person. Deep down you know he is human, he is vulnerable. Years of grey hair on his scalp has not hidden his vulnerability, he still cares to be loved, he still cares for his woman. You want to ring up a friend  who wrote “here“, how with age he had not buried his vulnerability nor strangled it out. He was as susceptible as his younger self who gave up a college education to marry at 17, his then sweetheart, mother of his 30 year old daughter.

One day, when on not being reminded by him that its a friday, and you ought to be out dancing at a club, or hitting a beach, you decide to ping him to check whats wrong, and he gets back 45 minutes later, that he is done for the week, and she had stepped in to take the last of her belongings. You for a moment not knowing what to say, tell him to dial you up if he wants to talk to someone, to discover he has already logged out.

One is never old to be vulnerable, and nor too young to be.

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Here goes yet another milestone, today I complete 5 years in this cubeland. I can’t imagine that I lasted so long here, nor it is a big thing compared to the years generally our elder generation used to put in to a particular workspace.

Even though I joke with my friends that I have entered the wall of shame, The sad part is that, I am kind of happy about it.

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Cubeland humor

Wellness committee at my workplace has this habit of puting up titbits of information on the wall right on top of the men’s loo. So, it kind of sticks into your face, when you are standing there, doing your stuff.

The slogan this week kind of got me bursting out with laughter, here it is, imagine this bold on a flier.

“Your health is in your hand!”

Well they did want to warn us about swine flu, and remind us to wash our hands, but man the first look was funny 🙂

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Materialistic me

Sometimes I am so  materialistic. Let me correct myself, many a times I am so materialistic.

Today I got something which I have wanted for quite sometime now. I wouldn’t describe what I feel as ‘happiness’, but then I am not sad either.

Until the next materialistic figure that excites me, which I am sure will happen soon enough, Sayonara

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Then N Now

Then was then/Now is now
“How can you eat the same thing for two days in a row, throw it, make something new” / “Ah, this has taken so much of my time, and who is gonna cook now, lets just eat, so what if I ate the same thing last night”

“Mom!..where’s my coffee, I woke up almost 5 minutes back” / “Oh shoot I need to make some fresh coffee and I have 5 mnts before I need to join the conf call”

“Who takes a shower on saturdays, where the hell do I need to go today”/ “Ah I need to go get groceries, let me take a quick shower”

“Guys, I am busy at work, will call you back, may be in the evening”/ “Guys ISD isn’t that expensive, why don’t you try calling me at home”

“Anna [Dad], Amma had made upma for breakfast, I am gonna have some davangere benne masala dosa, wanna join me?”/ “Anna: What did you cook for breakfast today, me: Upma, you know what it was tasty”

“Saturday evening, Guys lets go out for a meal, my treat”/ “Saturday evening, should I spend an hour more in the gym, atleast I get to see people”

“As soon as I get home me thinking, Lets check my google reader, let me blog this one”/ “Tomorrow morning I have an early call, lets cut vegetables and keep them ready for the morning”,

“Ah she looks new to office, must be a fresher”/ “Is she allowed to work still?, shouldn’t they retire or something”

and it continues….

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Don’t brand me a sexist

One thing which has always fascinated me are women and handbags. My mom’s cleans her handbag like once in a year or so, and the dustbin in her room is almost full with junk that day, one thing for sure, she would never call it junk. Anyways even though the concept of highly useless contents fascinate me, I guess its more about what I consider “useless”, and my mom “useful”.  

With lot of difficulties, and with help from some of my female friends, I may someday understand the need for many things that go into a handbag. 

One thing which no one can make me understand is this.

You spend at the max 15/20 mnts in the cafe for a cup of coffee amidst a busy afternoon full of work, Coffee is served free of cost, and tissues are all over the cafeteria, why would a women want to carry her handbag to cafe?.  Nope it’s not a small wallet, its a big shoulder bag.

As I complete this post, one question that comes to my mind, why the hell am I bothered 😀

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I am one of those guys who never wears formal clothes, one of my biggest fears was, what If I get into a company which mandates formal clothes to work, may be has a strict dress code of wearing a tie everyday, more worse, may be a odd coat once in a week. I guess that would be a disaster, cause I hardly wear full arm shirts like few times a year.

Now when I have not let corporate world change my wardrobe, I find it extremely unacceptable, when I, myself have objections to what people wear to work.

But, when I enter the cafe, first thing in the morning, and I find “someone” sitting with their back to the entrance of the cafe, and their jeans below their “crack”, I have only one word that comes to my mind “Disgusting”.

Hypocrite, MCP, whatever you want to term me, I guess I would accept it. But sorry, I do find that sight, disgusting.

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Yours lovingly…..

Gone are the days when the signature at the end of the letters gave away mood of the person who wrote the letter, or may be for the person with acute observation gave a lot of information regarding the human behavior. I say that those days are gone, mainly because, nobody seem to hand write letters any more. I do not blame people at all, with a faster cheaper alternative called email, who would really mail a snail mail letter.

Coming back to the topic of signature at the end of the letters, the concept is also extended to the email etiquette. On a normal day I get huge number of business emails, and each one of the people have a different way to sign off the email. I personally go with



Thanks & Regards

Its very rare that I do not sign off an email, only when I send out off the record official emails, that too some really close associates I send out on liners without a signature.

I have seen people attaching a quote of sorts to their official emails, even though I find it amusing to read the quotes, I sort of find it non – professional, may be that’s how the casual working style works, but then somehow I find it a little too casual.

The other common thing I have found people attaching to their signatures are their contacts, specially their phone/fax etc. I generally avoid doing this, mainly because within the organization the address book which comes when one clicks the email id has the information, and for people outside our organization I hardly send emails, and when I do I would like to shield my contact information until it is absolutely necessary to give out.

One thing which I absolutely detest in the official mail signatures are use of any references to the religion one belongs, or probably use of nick name for the self. I think its again way too casual.

Lets keep aside the official emails, lets talk about personal emails. Yes I do write personal emails, one perk you get because of your close friends staying away in a different place. So when you send out an email to a close friend, I generally tend to use the language we use when we speak face to face, throwing in words of kannada in between, a few slang, a couple of curse words [I am sure they would disagree with this ;)] . When it comes to signing off, I have a dilemma.

With love – sounds cheesy isn’ it?
Cheers- Well it sounds so much unlike me, as I never use that word
Regards – sounds so formal.
Yours lovingly – sounds straight out of a chic movie

I guess I am running out of signatures, not sure what else can one use.

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