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Fear and Future.


Whats worse? Realizing you are being considered unfit to share thoughts with?, or the fear of a possibility, that you may never be considered fit.

Reality, Illusions, Fear and Future.




Lets talk about Mr X,

Lets assume X has an extremely strong beliefs, and stands by them no matter what happens. He does not compromise his ideals easily unless he is proven wrong by the opposite party. He lives with a strict set of rules which he has formed over years.

Lets assume that X likes strong women Y, someone who is an “individual”, someone who has an opinion of her own, and can stand by it.

Lets assume X has also the option of Z, who is sort of mild, one who will easily compromise, may be she has an opinion of her own, but might not care too much about it.

does this mean

X + Y = Ego clashes, bad match

X + Z = a normalized relation, good match.


X = doomed, single for life.

Just don’t go with the obvious answer which comes to the mind, just think it over a little….its not as straight forward as it appears.

P.S. Guys not sure, why recently I am struck on these He/She subjects…Nope..No I am not getting that is ruled out.



When someone feels safe with you, or around you, does it mean that “someone” considers you harmless.?

now let me add a little something to the above question.

When someone feels safe with you, or around you, does it mean that “someone” considers you harmless.? or does it mean that “someone” considers you not capable of doing any harm.

Shades of a curious mind


A battle of bigwigs
With no clear upperhand.

Curiosity all around,
Which would “one” choose,
The ever beautiful “mind“,
Or the always satisfying “body“.

I think my temptation caved in,
Killing the curiosity.

Like all other’s from the history,
The curiosity won.

Curious colors of mind,
With colors unseen,
Shades unvisited.

A clear winner indeed.
The prompt over at writer’s island this week is curiosity..hope this gelled with the prompt 🙂

Platonic lines


A rough wall
and a harder core.

It ain’t no simple
Still, lots to question

Do you let them in,
How far?.
Do you shed your inhibitions,
How much?.
Do you need to censor yourself,
What for?.

Skeptical “me“.

When it comes to friendship
The question always eludes
Where to draw the line.

The “line”.


The topic over at skittles today is “line” for heads or tails. I generally don’t do poetry for HoT, but todays kind of an exception, could not think anything else but this for the topic. As usual I have limited my expression to 55 words.