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Just thirteen more steps,
said the proud father,
as the little one huffed and puffed.

Kiddo had outperformed his father’s expectation,
he had reached this far,
keeping beautiful distractions at bay,
defying both the mother nature, and his own.

Old heart smiled, at the blind young one

they had
an unlucky


It has been while since I gave myself a creative writing challenge. I am back to my favourite format “fifty five words”, and I chose the word “climb”. I love to say more with a few.

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The blunder

Knowingly, he bit into the forbidden fruit,
Opening the Pandora,
Of his aims, dreams and ambitions.
Going against the Christ,
Standing by what he believed,
Questioning the ‘good’, probing the ‘evil’.
Answers draped in black, ideas merged in red.

One mistake,
The blunder called birth.

Was it worth surrendering?
to the superstition;
Superstition ,
called life.

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Leaving those years behind,
He had walked forward,
Conquering his world,
Conquering his soul.

With an evelish smile
and a witchy attire,
With an ugly body,
and a dirty soul,
she saw him suffer,

The offer was simple,
The choice, obvious,
A sinful, Lost world.

Did he have the courage,
The courage,
to time travel.

I think I will never get over my fetish for “fifty five words”, my attempt to get back to my favorite genre, for this weeks prompt at writer’s island ‘Courage”
You can follow the rest of the entries here.

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On a spot, that hurts the least,

The one that lasts just a night,

A place he could easily hide,

Yet so special, no one had seen before.

A place, no woman had ever gotten to

He tattooed her into his dream,

for a night,

One which never ended.

The night,

The dream.

The Tattoo.


Its been a long time since I did Sunday Scribblings, this time around they had a topic, which got me out of retirement. Here’s my take on this weeks topic “Tattoos

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Growing up

You have questioned me before

Questions which I didn’t have answers for,

Questions that have ruined many a nights,

Questions, which you made me, work for,

Questions, which got answered,

Questions, which left me wondering

Is this your way of telling me,

Grow up?

An Answer,

A realization.

Through “her”

You made me,

Grow up.

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Void of Shadows

You found me in a room,
Full of skeletons,
of  dead and gone.
With clocks struck,
backwards in time,
Walls full of calendars,
from years gone by.

A tornado of darkness,
Ready to engulf.
The Present,
Stuck in the jaws, of past.

Blindfolded by the light
You lead me,
Into a room,
Void of shadows.

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Guys, 55 words are back. Please pardon my rustiness, its been a long time, and the lack of touch shows.


It’s going to end, you tell yourself

Little, you know, it hasn’t begun.

It shall not happen to me, you plan

Little, you know, plan isn’t yours.

I shall not be possessive, you decide

Little, you know, you’ve been possessed

It’s over, you make a call.

Little, you know, you’re not over.

Little, you know.

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Was he?, or was she?

When life frowned upon him

He found comfort,

In her smiles.

Her cheers soothing,

His disappointments.

Her spirit taming

His blues.

Was it that difficult?.

To find comfort in his smiles,

When her’s dried up.

To sooth her disappointments,

Through his cheers.

To tame her blues

Through his spirit.

Bewildering Art of Selfishness.

Art, Indeed.


Topic over at sunday scibblings today is “Art”, and here’s my 55 cents on the subject.

It feels like a long gap, and feels good to be back.

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On days 
“I”  wonder,
If little spurts 
Of company
“He” chooses
For “me”

“His” ways
Of guiding  “me”
Off “my” path.

“His” ways
Of  tuning “me”
Off  key,


 As though
“he” can read 
“my” fear,

 He walks “me”
back into,
“my” lanes.

Keys “me”
Back into,
“my” notes.

Returning “me“,
To “my”

Topic over at Sunday Scribblings today is Piligrimage, and here’s my take on the topic in my usual 55 words style.[it had been some time since I did this].  


In “my” piligrimage, “I” chose no companions, and “he” obliged.
On a totally different not, the pure pursuits has come back to life let me know your thoughts on the matter.