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A real happy place.

In naked arms of the nature,

I climbed the mountains.




A night next to you
serenity of my mind.
thoughts, outnumbered.

A Haiku after a long time




Celebrating Life,

Forever continuing our,

Organic banter.



Topic over at Sunday Scribblings this week is “Organic“..I almost gave up because this was one of the toughest topics I have written about, mainly because this word does not belong to my day to day vocabulary, some how squeezed this haiku out..hope it makes some sense…

Magician – Heads or Tails#37


Skittles over at “Heads or Tails” has the prompt “Mother” for this week. This is the 37th week for the prompt, and I think I have never missed any of them, but today I had nothing to say, absolutely nothing. Somehow I did not think of anything I could say about my “mother”, thats when it stuck me how I always take her for granted. I came up with this short Haiku.

My silent mother.

eternal problem solver,

Super magician.

Days ahead


fueled by her smiles,
I take the flight of laughter,
to joyous future.

The prompt this week over at writer’s island is flight, I thought of this haiku, its been quite a while since I attempted a haiku, hope it does put across what I wanted to convey.