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A coldish shower

Topic over at skittles today for heads or tails is supply, and the topic couldn’t have come in more appropriate time than this one. I seem to be having a big problem with hot water supply in bathroom, for about a month now.

It all started with unscheduled load shedding resulting in unavailability of power at home in the mornings at erratic timings, the unscheduled load shedding meant that I could not even plan it properly. I used to wake up early to switch on the geyser, to find a disheartening power cut within minutes of me switching on, an hour later when the power used to come back, I had to suffer even further as somehow the just few of our house used to take an extra 30 minutes of power cut.  Just imagine 90 minutes of your precious morning time being wiped off, and another 15-30 minutes atleast to get hot water. So most of last few weeks I had to contend with warm water. Cloudy and chilly mornings in Bangalore in this month has added salt to the early morning wound 😦

The great news this week was the absence of power cut, I was thrilled to bits. But unfortunately the plumbing in my bathroom seems to have found the right time to trouble me, the pipe seems to have clogged due to the dusty water, and this means that very little of hot water finds its way to my shower. Now who would have thought early morning shower can be this painful.?

I have caught hold of a plumber today, and the got the line cleaned up, he claims to have partially repaired the problem, and wants one full day on Sunday to repair the problem fully. Until then I am struck with lukewarm shower on cold chilly rainy mornings in Bangalore.

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I am no doctor – Heads or Tails #49

I have a confession to make, I am guilty of self medication for a long time now. I have screamed at my parents and grand parents for doing the very same thing, trusting their experience and popping pills, but a little sniff of cold or a little trace of a fever I pop in a mild anti biotic and a paracetamol.

I tell myself “I am not a doctor” every time I do this, but then I cannot really afford to fall ill during weekdays, not that my country is going to crash or my company without me in there, but it always feels good to the male ego to have a feeling of being absolutely wanted.

You may ask what has male ego got to do with self medication, because I see this happening with my mom too, but may be its just that we both are of the same breed of sorts, and it seems we are gradually beginning to think alike, relying on medicine more rather than the natural healing, which at one time I was a big fan off. I never took medicine back in school when I fell ill, I remember going to school even when I ran temperatures of 102. Somehow the idea of not taking risk has gotten into my head.

This time around, I have been careful. I had an upset stomach from last couple of weeks, one thing I swore this time around was “no pills”, I totally relied upon hot water and other home made food to get out of it. I must admit that I did have to suffer for two full weeks, [If suffer includes weekends of eating out who minds it ;-)]. Anyways the whole point is that one should be really careful while self medication, we might end up aggravating something, or even end of treating and hiding symptoms making the problem even more hard to diagnose later.

So next time you catch yourselves popping in a pill or two, remember “we are not doctors”.
The prompt over at skittles today is “doctor”, and I chose this confession as the response.

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Punishment fun – Heads or Tails #48

People who have studied in India would surely remember this from school days, well not so much with the current generation in school, but people my age, am sure would recall this. The most common punishment scene from a school back In my school days was, A teacher yelling at the student, “Stand up on the bench”.

Common guys admit it, there would be a day when you forgot to do the homework, or played a prank on a fellow student, or giggled during the lesson, or was caught chatting during a serious study hour and were asked to stand up on the bench.

As a young student I wondered, what was really bad about this punishment, I mean punishment should be something which causes pain physically, or atleast makes you feel shameful, so that you wont repeat the crime.

So what did the teachers really think standing up would serve?, I used to find it amusing to see a fellow student standing up on the bench, I used to get easily distracted watching what him or her was doing, and I am sure even he/she would be having a fun time standing up trying to look into what others were doing with a bird eye’s view. I remember in lower grades, we used to laugh and giggle at ourselves even more when one of our fellow was punished this way.

Even worse were the mass punishment we used to get for being noisy, all of us being asked to stand up on the bench, this was really fun you know, with cramped classrooms and benches close to each other, and fifty pairs of boots making even bigger noise climbing the bench, blocking lights from windows, and in a way making it more difficult for the teacher. As she/he continued to teach, invariably someone would drop a pencil, or a book, or an eraser or so, so you would listen the kid climbing down the bench, making the adjacent two to loose balance, making it even more funnier.

I never understood the what was really punishing in this punishment..

Ah good old school days ..

Heads or tails prompt over at skittles today was “sit” or “stand”, and I choose to stand, that too on the bench 🙂

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Ooops I did it again…. Heads or Tails #46

I generally go grocery shopping with my dad, well surprising to many because I am this lazy guy who hates to get out of the house, but when it comes to shopping for groceries I am always game. I kind of like checking out the new stuff in the market. In an effort to ape the west, our local grocery stores too have become trendy, with aisles together of unwanted stuff to buy, but then I am not complaining,  I generally like browsing these aisles, and my dad is the strict shopper types, who makes the list of things and then goes directly to the isles where we find them.
So usually you can spot us in different isles, me checking out the prices of the new stuff and my dad doing some serious shopping, but then I also have this habit of talking when I browse the aisles, I use the shopping time to make the real conversations with my dad, something serious to discuss, or something which I can’t talk to him at house in front of my mother, or some serious stuff we need to discuss. Just the other day I was talking to him about my investment plans, a real animated and passionate conversation and I turn around and see my dad is not at all there, I am talking to the air. My dad has gone to some other isle, and I am like this idiot talking to myself. I went, oops I did it again..

This is one of the many occasions where I have been caught talking in the air, there have been so many times me and my cousin from here, are doing some serious mall hopping, and we would be walking up the escalator, or down the aisles of a book or a clothes shoppe, and he stops to check out something, and me without realizing that, continue to talk my heart out. After absence of response for couple of minutes, I would go “oops” in my head, even without turning back, I would be so sure he wouldn’t be there.

I have almost got used to this kind of Oops moments, but the once I am more awkward about are those involving mistaken identities. I have a strong affinity towards colors, I mean I generally remember what people who are with me are wearing that day, so kind of approach people based on the apparel color, and being in haste as I always am, I end up walking upto them and continue what I want to say without checking if they are really my people, and there have been numerous accounts when they have turned around and I have felt oops .

So next time you see me talking to the air, or talking to you even though you don’t know me, then please do read the expression on my face which would read something like “OOPS

The topic over at skittles today is, any word which starts with “O” and I choose Oops

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Fitting in – Heads or Tails #45

The topic over at skittles this week is to share a summer time story. When I closed my eye and thought of a summer time story, I got this on my mind. It was slightly surprising because, I do not have a clear memory of this, and there have been so many other summers spent heartily at my grandmother’s place with group of cousins hanging out together, but still this memory seems to be haunting my mind today.

We used to have our annual vacation of almost two months every summer. Most of them were spent in Bangalore with cousins ganging up to spend time in each of our houses in turns. This one time it was different, I was supposed to accompany my mom, and we both were to travel to Rajkot, a city in Gujarat. We had my moms sister and her son, who was 2/3 years along with us, and did I mention that I was 5 🙂

The train journey from Bangalore to Rajkot used to be for almost  2.5 days at that time, and I had no idea if it would be boring or fun. I had never that long before, and I think I was looking forward for the journey.

There are two things I distinctly about this trip.

Firstly the trains in India have a lot of hawkers selling stuff. For the first time I got to see so much of variety in food to eat. I was a foodie even back then, I was trying to convince my mom to buy me anything that was being sold, and my mom could not control her anger, also the shock at me being able to eat the stuff with so much spice, at that quantity, and still wanting more. Well I think that’s when I realized the biggest gift a human being has, the thing called “tongue”.

Second thing, is the picture of myself in my mind from the trip. I mean I can’t forget the one posture which I enjoyed so much during that trip. The trains have two windows on one side, and two on the other per each block. These windows have small extensions, which are used to close shutters, so when the shutters are open, they are like very little platforms, hardly 3 to 4 inches wide. I used to sit in this small width, and my legs were exact size of the width of the window, so I kind of fitted exactly to the window, I would sit there all day, looking outside the window.

After that trip, I did many many others to the same destination, but never was actually able to fit into the window, believe me I have tried. So I guess this is one memory I will never forget.

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Platonic lines

A rough wall
and a harder core.

It ain’t no simple
Still, lots to question

Do you let them in,
How far?.
Do you shed your inhibitions,
How much?.
Do you need to censor yourself,
What for?.

Skeptical “me“.

When it comes to friendship
The question always eludes
Where to draw the line.

The “line”.


The topic over at skittles today is “line” for heads or tails. I generally don’t do poetry for HoT, but todays kind of an exception, could not think anything else but this for the topic. As usual I have limited my expression to 55 words.

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Royal Ramblings

The topic over at skittles today is “royal”. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think royal is “palace”, there is a certain charm with the old palaces in India, something which makes you imagine how it would feel to stay in one such place.

From the time I was a kid, I have always wanted to stay in a palatial house. Palatial not in terms of richness, but in terms of its vastness, and grandeur. I have always liked big houses with large number of rooms and big courtyards. So as a kid when I narrated what I am going to do when I grew up, the number of rooms always found a mention in my plan for the future.

As a kid, I changed many schools, so one of the schools I went to was a very old school, and also had a ancient sort of building. When I first went into school for my first grade, I was so happy, my dream of spending time in ancient building was coming true, I just loved exploring in and around of the building, by the time I reached 4th grade, my last year at that school, I had kind of roamed every corner of that place.

I had one reoccurring dream as a child up until my teens, it was about me discovering a new hidden room in my house, and me trying to explore various unknown things in it, like books which I had never seen, sort of paintings, and many such things. So every morning after such a dream I was very curious. I wanted to live in such a place, we had a very small house, just a single room and a living place and a small kitchen. May be this was the reason, I got such dreams.

After I grew up I had totally forgotten about my dream, until I came across this website about interpreting our dreams. I wanted to know what my dream meant. I was surprised to see that the website said that, the house was a symbol of “me”, what I really wanted to discover was a unknown side of me. It said, I was in search of newer aspects of myself, and wanted to expand as a person.

Guess there was nothing royal about this rambling 🙂

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“I like to stay busy”..Did I really say that?

I have had just two jobs till now, the first one lasted for a period of 10 months, and I have been in my second job and my present one for last 4 years. In fact I haven’t done much of voluntary weekend jobs too, except for a day of forced voluntary work at a medical camp in one remote village. So pretty much all I have to say is about my current job.

How different a software engineer’s life can be?, well that’s a misnomer which I realized later, its not the job/profession which shapes up a life, its more of what we want, that shapes it.
I am one of those guys who are born to worry. I have always found my mom worrying for things which we have no control about, or does not affect in least bit of way, but still she worries. The bad part is that I am exactly like her, no I am not blaming her for what I am, I know I am solely responsible for all the worries I get into, but then she was an example for what I did not want to become, and then I just became the same thing.

When I was in college, one thing which more or less made me forget my worries was my studies, I mean I really had no time to worry about anything else, all my worries were focused on a chapter I am studying, or yet to study, an exam coming up, or the year ahead. I really was always busy, with something or the other to worry about, so all these petty things always slipped of my mind.

Like a natural progression my job took over what studies was to me at one time, all my worries started to get focused on the problem I am solving at work, the things I need to do tomorrow, the project I need to finish this quarter, and so on. I think I am so used to work worries [in most of the cases just as insignificant as my mom’s worries] I hardly get time to think and worry about other stuff, Job has become an escape point for all other things.

I don’t want to be the other Manuel “Manuel needs to be busy. If he is not, he thinks that his life has no meaning, that he’s wasting his time, that society no longer needs him, that no one loves or wants him.”, I really don’t want to be him you know.

I hate it when I am loaded lightly at work, that means my mind is free to think about things which is of no use, things which complicate more things, things which in a way affect me or people close to me, I hate it when I have a lean period in between tasks. So are the weekends, even though I don’t prefer to work in the weekends, there have been numerous occasions where I have thought how nice it would be if I had work to bother about, instead of this stray thought which I know is going to leave me sad at the end.

I am hoping as my life changes, and I get involved into deeper things in life, I no longer would need the escapes that’s provided by my busy job.

I have missed haeds or tails two weeks in a row now, and I must apologize to Barb for this.
The topic over at skittles for heads or tails this week is “Job or jobs you have had”, even though it does not fit the prompt aptly, I thought I can just push it through.

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Magician – Heads or Tails#37

Skittles over at “Heads or Tails” has the prompt “Mother” for this week. This is the 37th week for the prompt, and I think I have never missed any of them, but today I had nothing to say, absolutely nothing. Somehow I did not think of anything I could say about my “mother”, thats when it stuck me how I always take her for granted. I came up with this short Haiku.

My silent mother.

eternal problem solver,

Super magician.

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The weekend that was – Heads or Tails #36

Skittles has an interesting topic for this week’s Heads or Tails. She wants us to share a fond memory. I could’ve brought something out of the my 26 year old memory bank, but I chose to bring out a very recent memory, something as recent as this weekend.

This weekend I took a break from my routine work and decided to take a small weekend vacation with my my parents, my cousin and his family, and my aunt’s family. It began with a plan to spend the weekend at a resort, only to find out they were all booked, we didn’t want to cancel, so decided to spend the weekend at my aunt’s place instead. However we just stopped over on the way to Mysore, to see if there were any last minute cancellation at the resort we wanted to stay, and to our surprise we found what we were looking for. We booked for a single night stay for Saturday, and we negotiated a good deal from Saturday morning till Sunday late afternoon. What followed was a string of sweet memories.

  • Nostalgia from years down the line spent in Mysore with my two cousins, the times we have had fun, places visited and pranks relived, fun remembered. Sometimes it fun just reliving the moments from the past
  • An Aunt’s special dinner, with a delicacy which she prepared the best, I have to admit I ate a little too much
  • A place which is very small, and has an almost unnoticeable grandeur, well I am not talking about the famous Mysore palace, but a place called “Mylari hotel”, famous for their amazingly soft Masala Dosa. Saturday morning spent over a sooper cool breakfast.
  • Being greeted by some Bikini clad people at the resort by the pool [well I am naughty sometimes :)]
  • An hour spent along the river kaveri, trying to help my 6 year old niece catch a fish.
  • Hours spent lazing in the pool, without knowing how to swim, and almost blind without my specs, with my niece and my cousins.
  • Playing cards with the family till 1 am filled with roars of laughters and lots of fun.
  • Sleeping till 9:30 in the morning to be woken by a bored niece
  • A trip to a local hillock and a very calm temple, walking bare foot in a scorching sun.
  • A long enacting of a being a wild flower, with a lot of swaying and hushing noise as well, my niece is playing a flower in her summer camp’s play. So we got a demo of her play as well as the dance she is gonna perform.
  • A post lunch card game to wrap up a lovely weekend spent, with a lot of fond memories to carry away from.