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500, going onto 501

Yesterday, I did my 500th post over here at virtual rambling. Yep “Kiss” was my 500th post on this blog.
I can’t believe that I just did that, remembering myself who had no clue as to what to communicate, what to write, and scrambled thoughts always. Today I am filled with nostalgia from blog world, people, posts and friends, so many over the last two years I have spent over here. I thought it would be nice to walk down the memory lane, and remember some of the blog world nostalgia.

When I began blogging, I really did not know how it works out, are you supposed to just blog, get someone to read your blog, tell your friends that you have started blogging, advertise, or just don’t bother about all this and just write, I think I decided to tell my friend, and “Random Thoughts” was my first reader.

That reminds me, “Virtual Ramblings” was not the first choice for my blog, it did start with the name “Random Ramblings”, just a week and “Random” got the ax, “Ramblings” survived though :).

I was very apprehensive with people online, and I hardly interacted with any blogger online. I am not sure how she came across my blog, but Ireland who used to write at “The windmills of my mind“, she was the first one whom I spoke over the IM, shared my real identity, and it was fun knowing her as a person. Its been a long time since I sent her an email, or spoke to her on IM. It would be nice to get her back to blogging. I did shoot her an email today.

There were parts of me which I totally ignored, I found it really difficult to acknowledge those hidden emotions in me, and thats when I came across Ideasmithy at XXfactor happened, and an idea of starting an exclusive blog for my pure pursuits. The idea got me in touch with people with so many different approaches to life. Many people participated in the body or soul series, and many have remained very good blogging friends. Paisley who writes over at “Why Paisley” has been one blogger who has always given me a different view, someone who always breaks the cliche, comes out with an alternative look at my subjects over at pure pursuits.

Finding someone who really gets what you mean, corrects you when they feel you are wrong, is very difficult, not just a word that you are wrong, but also make sure you get their point and realize what you are doing wrong, I was fortunate enough to find a friend who did all this, its been a real pleasure to know a good friend sunshine.

He has been my sole regular male reader for as long as I can remember now. Extremely talented writer, Matt writes over at My life as a conscious observer

Prompts, it began with “Poetry Thursday” which my good friend Darlene used to participate, I got hooked on, and then moved on writer’s island, and then many others to follow. Silverneurotic one of my oldest blog buddies introduced me to Heads or Tails, which I continue to enjoy doing every Tuesday.

Blogs were meant for discussion and honest opinions, so there were times when there was strong opinions against my posts, some of you might remember “couple of good news“, and it was real fun discussing the point of views with ashu over the post .

A couple prompts and a scribbling of poems does not make me a poet, does it, I was reminded of this by a critique over at this post, good to be brought down to ground once in a way.

I said this is one of the previous posts, there are few people who write informative blogs, highly passionate about their subjects, do research about the facts and provide you amazing factual evidence, something which I never do. Nita and Shefaly both have provided me with a different approach to blogging. I still remember Shefaly as the one who made me spell something right, something my teacher could not get me to do.

Books, so many people have suggested me books over here, I am so thankful to many people, It would be stupid to list them out here, but people thank you so much for the book suggestions.

It’s amazing how many new people I have got to read in this blogosphere, some who have got me hooked on, and some who have made me really wait for their next posts. I wish I could export my google reader over here.

Guys thank you so much for all the memories you have given me.

Veens had tagged me to link ten people, I think this counts :).

Why do I have a strong feeling that 500 should be it, the “end“?

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Meanwhile over at pure pursuits

It had been quite some time I wrote something over at pure pursuits, did have something up there today.

Dedication, thats how I see it, no I am not talking about the dedication towards your studies, nor towards one’s carrier, nor towards one’s girl friend or wife. I am talking about the dedication towards one’s body. I think virginity is dedication to one’s body, and making sure you respect your body more than anything else.

Read rest of the post here “Would you call it dedication?