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A real happy place.

In naked arms of the nature,

I climbed the mountains.




A night next to you
serenity of my mind.
thoughts, outnumbered.

A Haiku after a long time

Why does it feel so long


I close my eyes and,
I can still feel
the dusky brown skin.

With my eyes open,
I can still feel,
those smooth tanned curves.

With a smile on my face,
I can still feel,
The sensation of you on my lips.

With every breath of air,
I can still feel,
The tingle of your fragrance.

With every passing moment
I can still feel
The freshness of our moist kiss.

I agree, its been just a while,
Why does it feel so long.

P.S 2012 has been a no coffee/tea year for far. Why this, Why this new year resolution di.

The blunder


Knowingly, he bit into the forbidden fruit,
Opening the Pandora,
Of his aims, dreams and ambitions.
Going against the Christ,
Standing by what he believed,
Questioning the ‘good’, probing the ‘evil’.
Answers draped in black, ideas merged in red.

One mistake,
The blunder called birth.

Was it worth surrendering?
to the superstition;
Superstition ,
called life.

The “what-if-not” inc


As he walked few steps,
Into the fork he chose,
at the crossroads,
overwhelmed by the poisonous sweetmeat,
bought joyously at the “what if” store,
followed by his multiple twins,
the “could have been” zombies,
neglected, fell his protégées
the “should become” angels,
sadly, rotting at their well hidden store,
the “what –if –not “ inc.

Inspired by Ideasmithy’s post “The What If Store“, and the discussions via the comments on that post.



One could spot the joy,
A poor camouflage that he was.

Day after day,
He kept rejoicing his victory.
The sweetness of discovery,
With a sense of pride ,too.

Breaking barriers of her mind,
Feeling the real her.
Clearing their befuddled minds,
He conquered his goal.

It was his zillionth triumph,
It was his zillionth defeat too,
He kept opening the doors,
And She ,
Kept shutting them.

Wife’s envy My pride


Every time I look into your eyes
My wife goes green with envy
My ears listen to her, but,
She knows, my eyes are on you.
The side of my bed, which is hers
Once belonged to you,
If anyone’s going to replace her,
She knows for sure, its gonna be you.
That dark skin of yours,
yearning to be touched,
No body gets me like you,
All you need is a few little words,
And my wish, is your command.
I sneaked you into our wedding,
and had you on board for our honeymoon,
As my wife stood by my side,
you were right beside.
You cheer me up when I am moody,
And share my happiness too.
Wife’s envy, owner’s pride
My little netbook.