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Magical Mirror

Young I was,

As I looked into the mirror,

Seeing things that I saw,

Things that were,

And a few, which ought to have been,

Some that shouldn’t have been,

A few convenient voids,

Some I was looking for,

Some that showed up,

Strange corners well lit, at times,

Striking features blurred occasionally.

The mirror has aged,

Lasted for more than I imagined,

People have walked in and out,

Adding themselves into my sight.

My loyalties to you may have strayed,

As you lay here in dust,

Still doing your job,

Giving me the best of my dirt,

A chance to wipe them clean,

A chance to regret and remorse,

And of course, watch my glee too.

A friend that you have been,

Leading me to several souls,

Some mates have lasted,

And some buried in sand.

Thank you, would mean nothing to you,

Or so it seems,

Virtual that you are,

A Ramblings galore.


I complete 15 years of blogging today. I cannot believe Virtual Ramblings has lasted 15 years. Thank you to all you kindred souls out there, you have made me who I am today.

I did my first post on March 23rd 2006 here.

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A Steamy Affair

Eagerness would be an understatement,
As I open the door.
My mind draws blank,
As I stand before you naked.
Your first touch,
Leaves me gasping for air,
Tickling the chills out of me,
Giving me a goosebumps galore.
Few months ago, I hated your sight,
Yet today you soak me to my core.
Few months later, I will run far from you,
Yet today, you stroke me every inch.
You are my steamy affair,
Hot showers in cold December
Hot showers

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A new experience

I lay naked, head down.

Walking in, she closed the doors.

shamlessly, aloof.



A haiku after a long time.

People in my life are always asking me to open myself upto new experiences. Awkwardness is comes natural to some people (read me), believe me there is nothing more awkard then a massage.

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With every whiff of air that winter evening,
gushes of fire ripped across the windows.

A calmness of contempt, in those red eyes,
as the white ashes blew away into the darkness.

The warmth within, morphed by the icy touches,
Stillness of fire, a disgrace to the frame.

Time was up, so was the night, a hollow morning
followed a shallow night.

You walked your path, to where you belong
An ember of life, left behind.

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Rebellious grin

Dreams are what keeps you up, he was told

You don’t need coffee to pump you up, he was told

There is no shortcuts to hard work, he was told

Winning should be fun, he was told

Studying hard cannot backfire, he was told

A good (earning) job is a great accomplishment, he was told

You don’t need coffee to pump you up, he was told

Dreams are what keeps you up, he was told

He woke up, Ah! Freshly brewed coffee, he smiled in bliss.


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Why does it feel so long

I close my eyes and,
I can still feel
the dusky brown skin.

With my eyes open,
I can still feel,
those smooth tanned curves.

With a smile on my face,
I can still feel,
The sensation of you on my lips.

With every breath of air,
I can still feel,
The tingle of your fragrance.

With every passing moment
I can still feel
The freshness of our moist kiss.

I agree, its been just a while,
Why does it feel so long.

P.S 2012 has been a no coffee/tea year for far. Why this, Why this new year resolution di.

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The blunder

Knowingly, he bit into the forbidden fruit,
Opening the Pandora,
Of his aims, dreams and ambitions.
Going against the Christ,
Standing by what he believed,
Questioning the ‘good’, probing the ‘evil’.
Answers draped in black, ideas merged in red.

One mistake,
The blunder called birth.

Was it worth surrendering?
to the superstition;
Superstition ,
called life.

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The “what-if-not” inc

As he walked few steps,
Into the fork he chose,
at the crossroads,
overwhelmed by the poisonous sweetmeat,
bought joyously at the “what if” store,
followed by his multiple twins,
the “could have been” zombies,
neglected, fell his protégées
the “should become” angels,
sadly, rotting at their well hidden store,
the “what –if –not “ inc.

Inspired by Ideasmithy’s post “The What If Store“, and the discussions via the comments on that post.