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34 days to go…….

I do know I haven’t written a real post in a long time. Not that I am going to write one now, just too pre-occupied to do my usual doze of thinking.

No, I am not loaded highly with work, come on, its holiday season here.

No, I haven’t been bitten by a snake, literally or figuratively.

No, I haven’t stopped reading, I am getting my daily doze of things to think about.

No, I haven’t stopped social interaction, I do get my regular dosage of social musings.

So why am I not thinking blogworthy, makes me wonder.  It’s as though someone magically removed blogging from my head, its like go live the exact life you were living, but just don’t think about blogging.

So until the real blogger wakes up, please don’t go away, I promise he will wake up soon.

34 days to go……………..

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Lazy wanderings

I think, over time, some of us become the brands we admire, like in my case ‘lazy boy’.

Since I have been lazy and not really writing my travelogues [Even though I love to write the], just being lazy, I decided to post few pics from my wanderings.

Standing at the peer, with my buddies, and a drink, I thought may be it was the drink which put in an orange filter to my views, turns out my camera was drunk too.

Sunset at Key West
Sunset at Key West

What if there was a painting competition, and the winning paintings were chosen to be made into a real life landscape on earth. I think this place could have been one of them

South beach, Florida
White sands from South beach, Florida

One fine Saturday morning, we decided to walk into a cavern full of natural wonders, and here is what we found

Natural  Bridge Caverns, SA, TX
A sneal peak into the natural bridge caverns, SA, TX

So what does a tired guy after the cave walk do?, chose to do the river walk.

Steps across the river walk, SA, TX
Steps across the river walk, SA, TX

Then we chose to drive across a stream up in Oklahoma, which had a hint of colors, more like a preview of the real thing

Drive across the stream, Turner Falls, OK
Drive across the stream, Turner Falls, OK

Then we hit upon the Turner Falls, the actual cascade of white water

Natural pool beneath the Turner Falls, OK
Natural pool beneath the Turner Falls, OK
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Just blabbering

I miss blogging, but I am in no mood to write..

Have you ever felt this?.


For people who do not believe in enlightenment..and have thought of “bodhi vruksha” moment as more of an elongated process than a sole second affair [In other words people like me], just think another time guys. Over last couple of weeks, I am getting jolts of reality doses about myself, and am ending up making some really good mental decisions, easing out all the unwanted worries from brain. Yep guys, its that time of the year, yet another attempt at detachment in full swing

In short, I am kicking some serious worry ass on the way to some chilled out bliss.

Nope, I am not drinking too much 😉

So for people who have wondered where the heck is rambler, [the count of which is 0 including the real me], here’s a been there dont that list from last few days

Places where I got to dine and poop
Miami, Fl
Key west, Fl
Fort Lauderdale, Fl
Nautural Bridge Caverns, TX
San Antonio, TX

Pages I got to skip
Hardcore Zen:Punk Rock, Monster movies and the truth about reality – Brad Warner
Hypnotizing Maria – Richard Bach
The shadow of the Wind Carlos Ruiz Zafon
A thousand splendid suns – Khaled Hosseini

A few first shots I got to take
A reality check on stalactites and stalagmites
A party vacation
First humiliation of having to dance in public [Did not realize I alcohol could give me such a high, and make me take insane decisions]
“The Grind”

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This and That

DYD, it was like a private acronym between me and a very good friend of mine, it was our way of asking  each other “where the hell have you been”. In case you haven’t figured out what it stands for, its short for “Did you die”. We occasionally changed it to AYA, on days when we were optimistic. Anyways the point is that, yes I am still alive, still breathing, just waking up from a well deserved three day break.

I was crazily busy at work whole of last week,that kind of explains my absence from the virtual ramblings, but most importantly its the beginning of yet another change in me which I am waking up into, which I think will help me be the more optimistic myself from the past.

The three day weekend spent lazily at my home has had many of the returns

Firstly I got my sleep back which I was missing most part of the last week, the crazy work had left me with as little as 5 hours of sleep per day, and I was like a walking zombie all of last week. I did get a very good night sleep on all three days, which makes me get back to my original idea of how easy it is to satisfy humans, all we needs is good sleep, and good food.

Speaking of food, that was another thing which made a return into rambler world this weekend. It began with a good pizza and a visit to a frozen yogurt stand on Friday. I really needed that after few long days with crappy food due to lack of time to cook some. Saturday morning, I fulfilled my long lasting desire to go check out this breakfast place in the neighboring suburb. I had heard so much about this place and the famous cinnamon rolls they make, I was waiting to feast on them. Anyways it turns out they make awesome pecan muffins too, and just loved the wholesome breakfast. The place just proved to me, how much of a wrong picture, the fast food joints here in the US paints for us. You just have to let yourself into these places, where eating is a pleasure, more sort of an indulgence, bottomless coffee mugs, thick layers of cheese on your omelette’s, menu’s which begin and end with deserts and sweets. A heaven I must admit. Damn you MacD’s and Tacobell’s for screwing something as good as that. I also had dinner at a Mongolian Grill, it turns out it was one of the best dinner’s I have had on this trip to the US, just loved my own creation.

Anyways another big comeback this weekend was me reading a book in under two days, I finished Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods in less than 48 hours. Even though it wasn’t a great book, I liked it in parts, specially the later part of part1 is what I enjoyed the most. Guess what I guys, I am starting my next one soon, “The Shadow of Wind” by Carlos Zafon.

It has been 4 months now since the major change, and I think I have finally got to terms with it. I think I am relying terribly on my will to get me past things which I really dont want to get into. Demons, be ready, my will is ready to devour you.

Anyways getting back on track, one thing I have rediscovered this weekend is how fun talking to oneself is. Yes guys its back, I like  it when I explain stuff to myself, its like my way of breaking my inner silence, and have never felt odd. Strangely enough, the voices had gone down last couple of months, I think they got shy from the real ones.

A clear mind, meant I could experience things which I love to feel. For example, I saw these two kids at the mall, must be girls of around 5/6 years. One had a typical fake cry face, with a fat lip, the other eagerly waiting with her hands tied to her back, watching kid one complain to her mom, with an anticipation on her face watching how her mom would react. I have seen this so many times in kids, waiting eagerly for the outcome of something they have done, most importantly they never have worried look, they always have this mischievous smile on their face, waiting happily, to see what happens next.

I leave myself with that expression today, as I smile mischievously at days to come, doing things which I like the most.

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Super 8’s

Its been such a crazily busy week, and even busier weekend. Sometimes work can just wipe hours of your day without even you realizing it. Work and a certain other thing has been totally taking my thoughts, so haven’t been able to think properly. I guess I should stop defending my lack of posts and just go ahead with this one.

Its been really long time since I dd a tag, my blogger friends have got so bored with my lack of response to their tags, they have stopped tagging me altogether, recently couple of them have tagged me, and here I am doing my bit with it.

Shruti who expresses her “Thoughts, Sentiments, Views‘ has tagged me here. Here’s a tag of 8’s

8 TV Shows I Love to Watch:

How it’s made
Dharma and Greg
Anthony Bourdain No Reservations
The big bang theory
Wonder Years
Everybody loves Raymnd

8 Favorite Places to Eat:

Food Street in VV puram, Bangalore
Tina’s Ethiopian Cafe, Chandler Arizona
Vidyarthi bhavan, Ghandi bazaar, Bangalore
Little Italy, Bangalore
Chat Stands anywhere anytime
Pambiche Portland, Oregon
Law Garden Street, Ahmedabad
I like this so much, that it deserves a second entry in my list
Food Street in VV puram, Bangalore

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:
I slept at 3am,
I spoke to someone for a long time, highly unlike me
I got frustrated when a coworker was acting dumb
I had plans to make Pav Bhaji, but ended up eating pasta
I did not take my shower
I had coffee at 2am in the morning
I listened to a movie, and didnt watch it
I did something extremely cheesy

8 Things I Look Forward To:

Tonight’s sleep.
Going back to India
Coffee breaks at work
Home food
Pulling my granny’s leg
A good book, a nice coffee, and a couch
An early morning walk
A sign

8 Things I Love About Winter:
Actually I haven’t lived in a sever winter so far, so I think I would skip this one. Probably I would love
Mirchi bonda’s
Misty mornings
Cold feet
No hot days
Late sunrise..I like morning walks in the dark
My mood when its cold outside
Coffee, Coffee and more Coffee
I guess may be for next winter, someone on my couch 😉

8 Things on my Wish List:

Couple of books which a friend suggested.
A trip back home.
A massage chair
Masala dosa for dinner tonight
A work year in Russia
An year of mountain stay

8 Things I’m Passionate About :
People I care about
My thoughts
Your views

8 Words or Phrases I Use Often:
You know
I guess
oh really?
Is it?
matte..[in kannada its like and…? used like a filler like “so”]
oh man

8 Things I Have Learned From My Past:

Its fun to learn
You got to decide quickly
People dont need you, as much as you need them
I can be really insensitive when I want to.
I tend to live in the past.
You can’t recreate what it was
You cannot hold on to things, once they are gone
People can really surprise you

8 Places I Would Love to Go or See or Visit:
Whole of the north east India
Zanskar region in kashmir
New zealand

8 Things I Currently Need or Want:
A good hair cut
A back rub
A good “churmuri” from the corner near my home in bangalore
A sense of humor
Loads of patience
A week of rain and no sun
A phone call
Someone to make me coffee early in the morning. I hate to do it myself.

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Bits from my east coast vacation

I am back, sort of happy, a lot tired, and a little bored, a little disappointed, and no mood to work at all.

Vacations are so good, but the week after is like one big drowsy Sunday afternoon.

Newark airport station, 0:00 am, waiting for NJ transit towards  NJ, a bit scary. Damn their display boards don’t work

Every single vacation, just before I am about to leave, something nasty comes up at work, and I am made to struggle, taking calls from airport, and having to close up in the middle of the night, and this time at 2am.

One advantage of not being a sound sleeper, you can sleep at 2:30 am and wake up at 5:30 am next day to begin your vacation, without even an alarm clock. It does surprise people around me, that my body clock is very accurate.

Corning Museum of Glass is just spectacular, if you guys plan to go there, make sure you have plenty of time. I wish I could have spent more time there. Here’s a glimpse

One of the glass exhibits at CMOG
One of the glass exhibits at CMOG

If you choose a cloudy day to go to the Seneca lake do not worry, its just awesome when it gets murkier. Just check this out

A cloudy day at the Finger lake
A cloudy day at the Finger lake

Best time to get to cave of the winds, has to be in the night, just when they are about to close. The view of the fading sunlight onto the bridal veil, followed by the views of colored light onto them is one spectacular view.

Rainbow over the Bridal Veil
Rainbow over the Bridal Veil
In all its glory
In all its glory

Extra fireworks over Niagara, even when its not July 4th, is like a jackpot.

When you are traveling with family, specially when you have kids, one needs to be very careful when you channel surf. Even Holiday Inn seems to air porn for its residents, and that too for free.

If I could control the maid of the mist, may be I would have a gone a little too close, as you begin the boat ride towards the horseshoe falls, you feel like going a little closer, and each time you do, the feeling just goes on and on.

New York night life, is a little strange, and so much different from other cities. Of course you get a visual treat to your eyes, which ever gender you like. Still somehow its so much fake.

After 27 years and so many changes later, I discovered I am still not a social animal, and specially when I am put into a conversation with women.

Hoboken is one of the  best places to live in. I just loved the proximity to night life, yet away from the noises of new york. I wish I get to live there for about a month or so.

Atlantic ocean is not as fierce as I thought it would be, clam, blue, and cold is how I would describe it.

Its calm, its blue, its atlantic
Its calm, its blue, its atlantic

People in NY, no offense guys, but you people are way tooo cold. You could atleast throw a smile back, or an occasional Hi. If I thought texans were not as friendly as people from Arizona, new yorkers were worse.

Caramel Frappuccino on a warm day, is just a step away from heaven.

I seem to have connected well with a friend after a long time, which I was surprised did not happen the last time around I met another friend.

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My vacation in parts – 2

Continued from here.

The beer sampler did the trick, for the first time on my vacation I slept until 8am PST, that was a big change considering its 10am my time, and finally I was able to get rid of the red eyes, which everybody were making fun of.

Third day was when we were supposed to drive upto Seattle, since most of my cousins are late raisers, the plan got pushed from 8 am to 10:30 am departure. My aunt had made interestingly pongal out of sevai, which apparently they prepare a lot, and I had never tasted it before. Considering its a south Indian dish, I found it odd that I had never tried it before.

My niece T gave me a good hour of  “Yo! Gabba Gabba” and “wow wow Wubzy”, it was fun with her explaining what she sees on tv, as we spent time on the couch as others were getting ready.

Drive to Seattle was fun filled with lot of kodbale’s [snack] to be munched and most importantly a discussion I had with one of my cousin as my aunt slept on the back seat, the discussion went beyond an hour and a half, and we spoke a lot of things about his experiences and changes to lifestyle of an Indian who has settled in America for about more than 15 years, and also his point of view of the boom we are seeing in Bangalore, and the attitude. We spoke about investments, education, and also finances. It was by far the most productive discussion in the trip, enjoyed it totally though very much different from the other conversations I had during the vacation.

As we entered Seattle downtown, we began seeing some really cool looking buildings, and we ended up in the downtown to see the “space needle”, the first stop for the day. Apparently there was a fair near that place celebrating memorial day, so it was fun waiting in the queue  listening to native American music. As it was the first sunny weekend in Seattle, I could see lot of women interestingly dressed, or should I say undressed ;). Was fun all in all.

The Space Needle
The Space Needle

The view from there was superb, and I liked the idea of having a bar up at such heights, unfortunately I could not taste any of the wine because my aunt and uncle were  present. We spent quite some time looking around the place, and also it was pretty crowded.

View from up there
View from up there

As we began to leave the place, we got hooked onto the gift shop and the family portrait they had shot of us, it had come out really good, and we all wanted a copy of that, so this meant my cube at work has a small frame sitting reminding me of every the good times.

For the first time I rode mono rail in Seattle, to get to pike’s market. It was fun and a new experience, even though it was nothing different than a bus, just in shape of a train, the view from it was good.

Pike’s market in Seattle is so much like our avenue road in Bangalore, but slightly less congested and right in front of the ocean. We had fun walking around the place, even though it stinks like hell in there with all kinds of meat being sold. We walked around, goofed around, sat in the park chatting and finally by evening we started our way back to Portland, after a stop for dinner at a joint which serves Indian version of the American pizza. Even though I don’t prefer it, it was fun in group.

I spent the whole trip back sleeping on the back seat, I did not realize 4 hours of drive, when we reached home, we all were tired and just slept like log.

The last day of vacation was supposed to be just home. We had a feast ala a festival which my aunt had prepared, including all south Indian festival food. A perfect send off meal. We did go out to do some memorial day shopping, and I did buy few shirts but we did not have much time so we hurried up.

Finally we had reached the toughest part, saying goodbyes, its horrible to see your vacation end, specially when you have loved it. I did not want it to end at all. Considering that I had to return to he cubeland to horrible queue of meetings the next day.T fell asleep and was totally out of mood, so it was sad we could not have a cheerful goodbye from her, however we just hung at the airport talking for sometime, finally it was time to pass through security.

I had an interesting lady sitting next to me in flight to Denver, she was an old African American lady, who carried a novel with a very sleazy cover. We spoke a lot over next few hours, discussing books, and also family, India, and her work, and my work. She even offered me a drink which she had carried along with her, unfortunately I don’t like the scotch, so had to turn her down.

I had a layover at Denver for a night, the sleep there was horrible, I have never seen an airport which has chairs in such a bad shape, however you try, you could not rest your head. I did try to sleep on the floor for a bit, but carpet cleaners woke me up periodically. Finally I gave up and just woke up.

Reached Texas after a awkward flight from Denver to Dallas. There was a nursing mother sitting next to me, and its really uncomfortable with her feeding her baby now and then, and me being totally embarrassed and trying to look the other way, anyways that forms another big topic for discussion later.

So until next vacation, adios.

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My vacation in parts..

Refreshing, If I were to describe my time stay at the beaver state in one word, that would be it, refreshing.

The beginning was kind of sad because believe me I was in a meeting till the plane literally took off, I dropped off at the last moment when they ask you turn of your cell phones, and this time I was pretty sure that I didn’t want to think about work even once when I am there, and unfortunately the start was not a good sign.

One of my very good friends picked me up from the airports, it had been a little over 3 years since I last met him in person. Even though we kind of talk  almost every weekend, it was kind of odd after a gap of 3 years, well I always find it difficult to get back to things the way they were, and this wasn’t much different. Initially we didn’t have much to talk about, and we were kind of toying with topics which died down after a few sentences. We decided to have dinner at a Cuban restaurant, and since this was my first time at a Cuban place, I was all excited to look at their menu. The place had excellent ambiance, a little hippie in appearance, and great looking crowd. If you guys ever visit Portland, please do not miss pambiche, specially if you like trying new cuisines. We caught up on old times, we spoke about few things, drank a drink, just had fun. He wanted to take me to a club, and we did have some fun there. We went around to check out his new place and took some pictures, unfortunately unlike last time around I was not able to spend more time with him because he had to go to SFO the next day, so we ended up spending just one evening catching up on old times. He dropped me off at my cousin’s place late night around 1:30 am, which is like 3:30 am my time, so my vacation has not yet officially begun and I was already spending sleepless nights 🙂

When I arrived at my cousins place, something wonderful began, getting reintroduced to a thing which I was unknowingly missed for a long a time, the “pampering”. My cousin snatched the bag out of my hand and just scooted me into his place. Of course we had the customary talk with my friend and wished him goodbye, and he did agree to drop by to Dallas before I get back to India, so we can spend some more time. But this time around it was just a small meeting with him.

Oh I forgot to mention about my flight, it was with a brief stopover at Denver, and the weekend had a girl’s soccer tournament there, so all flights to Denver had this high pitched teenager school girls yickety yacking their way into the city. I found myself seated next to a this girl, who had her hand glued to her I phone, music and games all her way, and as usual I had a crying child right behind my seat. My woos with crying children in flight continues. The flight from Denver to Portland had a old couple seated next to me. For some reason the old lady had the strongest of the fragrances on her which started giving me headache instantly. The old guy on the other hand had hard time listening because of which his wife kept screaming into his ear all the time.

I have been avoiding this subject ever since I started writing this piece, and in a way its not really a big deal but still its sad when I see the very few of  friendships which have survived for long, now, slipping away. Time does this to you, just like any relationship, when you dont get to spend quality time with each other, you tend to disconnect. When you talk, you just reminisce, Which is not really good because you will end up not building on anything but get stuck at the place you were. You have these doubts how the friendship would have changed since you last met, and you know its not going to be the same, but you still hope that time hasn’t done that much of damage yet, but you see it unfold before you, and see it has been affected just the way you feared, and you just want to escape it. You know the biggest problem with me, I do not move on, I do not replace people easily.

Since we all had pounced on my cousin’s place the same weekend, there was this other cousin and his wife, both my age, my aunt and uncle from India, and me, my cousin’s house was running out of rooms and beds :). So being the only single guy, I got the couch which pulled out into a neat queen sized bed. We had a nice chat before I finally went to my bed.

The time difference had upset my sleep cycle a great deal, I was up by 5AM pacific time, which is like 7am my time, and what a treat it was. My aunt ready to make me coffee, not one round like always do here, just like in bangalore, smalls cups of coffee every hour, with every one who woke up I got my share of coffee too. This made me realize how I much i have missed the coffee, the home style. Even though I make it the same way as home, I had missed the taste. Hot steaming cups of coffee, in those steel cups, ready to burn your tongue, with a little less sugar, just the way I like it. Man, getting your cup of coffee, made right to your tasre, early in the morning, is just a bliss. I can’t stop thanking my aunt for 4 days of hot steaming coffee.

There is something about we Indians and treating guests with great food, from the day I stepped into their house to the point I came back, I have been in a food heaven, since my sister-in-law, it feels weird to call her that because she is so much like a friend, same age as me. It was her first to Portland, so 3 guests meant that, my aunt and my other sister in law made a lot of special dishes. Even though we spent most of the days out and hence ate lunch outside, breakfast used to be huge, with lots of things. The last day we had a feast ala festival, with complete set of dishes we do during a festival. The Basundi my aunt made still makes me drool.

First day saw us visiting the gorgeous Mt St Helen’s in Washington state. Its the place which saw an volcano erupt during the 1980’s. You have a view point in a neighbouring mountain straight across the volcano. You can get to see the smoke coming out, and also the crater formed due to spit lava. The place was beautiful, with snow covered at the peak. I was at my cheerful best, doing one thing I do always with family, thats tease and pull leg. There’s something which happens to me when I am around family, I turn into this guy who just cannot stop teasing people. And I assume people like me that way.

St Helen's
St Helen's

We spent a lot of time having lunch at a ranch overlooking the valley the view was very good, and so was the veggie sandwich and the curly fries, one of the few vegetarian options they had. At the end came out the chocolate cake, which we all pounced on like hungry rats. Some of the moments which I wont forget from my vacation.  That evening, sitting there with family, with kids playing around, and we just talking nonsense, laughter and chatter around. I just loved it. Not for even a second I remembered about what I had done before, or what I got to do later, I didnt even realize I was having a great time, I just lived it.

After St Helens we drove back to Oregon, and straight into Columbia gorgue, to view the famous Multnomah falls, I had seen it before, but this time we were there right around the sunset, the golden orrange at the top added the right coloring which was missing from the canvas. It was beautiful. A perfect end to a perfect day.

Multnomah falls
Multnomah falls

The first day of my vacation introduced me to the best of the trip, thats my neice T. I had met her when she was 4/5 months old, and now she is almost 2 and was she fun. Just like any kids she was shy to begin with, hiding behind her mommy, slowly she got used to me, as soon as she got of her car seat, all she used to do was scream on top of her voice, Rambler mama [of course she used my real name]. I had a great time with her. T got a barney DVD from me,which she calls her Barny TV, so the whole evening was spent with her watching her Barny TV on the couch, as my aunt made some delicious dinner for us.

As usual I woke up early on saturday, and so did my nephew. We began working on his toy car with my morning cup of coffee in my hand. It was fun spending time with him, he has changed so much, grown so much quieter, and less clingy then the last time I visited him. He was so much like T during my last visit, this time he has grown mellow.

Saturday was our time to hit the cannon beach, and the Tillamook cheese factory, it was a beautiful day, unfortunately it turned out to be very cloudy at the beach and also cold. My aunt and uncle struggled so did the kids, and it was a bad day to choose to wear shorts, as I could see my knees turn red with cold :). I did get into the cold water, getting inspired by the bikini clad women getting into it, if they can I can too right. After few hours of kite flying and numerable picture later, we started our drive on the pacific coast highway to the cheese factory, as my niece T would say “seeze” factory, even though the tour of the factory was very small, we feasted in the freshly made ice cream, we got to taste almost 8/9 varieties as all of us had taken different flavor, and mine was the caramel Toffee delight, and I followed that with a strawberry cheesecake flavor.

Beach view
Beach view

That night we went out to the downtown, to catch a late night view of the lights, and also the rose festival which was about to begin in portland. We walked around the water front, and finally hit the bar. My aunt and uncle had skipped, and the kids had slept, so it was time to do some beer tasting at a brewery in hillsboro. My SIL had a fiasco, as she forgot to get her ID, and the waiter refused to serve her, and also barred us from sharing it with her, and she had to settle for lemonade, which we pulled her leg forever, and I got to taste some really cool flavors of beer.

Great thing about alcohol is that it gets you talking about topics you would avoid normally. So it was an amazing night, spent sipping beer with family, even though I would have preferred better food to go with it, pizza tasted all right.

So there I was at the middle of my vacation, and two more days to come.

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I am alive

For people who have been worried about rambler’s whereabouts, this is a quick update that he is alive, with lots of things to say, just that he has been out since last thursday, and has come back tuesday morning, and has been swamped with work ever since.

Coming up: Vacation updates, vacation updates, and some more vacation updates.

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Tag time

Its been a long time since I did some tags, so here goes my attempt at following “manic me


– Available: Not sure

– Age: at times 5, others 27

– Annoyance: Ego, at the moment.

– Animal: none, I like them away from me, Unless you count me as an animal


– Beer: Bud Light, if not anything which is straight from the tap

– Birthday/Birthplace: Rajkot, I think it was thursday well past midnight

– Body Part on opposite sex: must have

– Best feeling in the world: Remembering something/someone whom you really wanted, and realizing you still have them right with you.

– Blind or Deaf: I would go for mute.

– Best weather: cloudy, grey, just about to rain, or just after the rain

– Been in Love: nope

– Been on stage?: yes, kind of resent it though

– Believe in yourself?: I would like to say yes, but then I doubt so much, so no

– Believe in life on other planets: don’t care

– Believe in miracles: yes, definitely

– Believe in Magic: nope

– Believe in God: Yes, mostly

C- Car: Not so much of a car person, own a santro which I have hardly driver

– Candy: given the right one

– Color: grey, beige,

– Cried in school: very rare

– Chocolate/Vanilla: anything, any form, anywhere

– Country to visit: Africa, Brunei, New zealand


– Day or Night: Day, early mooning, late noon

– Danced: nope, I don’t even have two left foot

– Dance in the rain?: no way, never

– Do the splits?: never tried


– Eggs: omlette

– Eyes: green

– Everyone has: problems


– First crush: realized way too late.

– First thoughts waking up: What’s my schedule

– Food: anything vegetarian


– Greatest Fear: loneliness

– Giver or taker: shameless taker

– Goals: calmness and peace for the self

– Get along with your parents?: yes and no


– Hair Colour: black brown silver

– Height: 5’8”

– Happy: very rarely

– How do you want to die: instantly

– Health freak? nope

– Hate:People who have no sense of time


– Ice Cream: without nuts

– Instrument: nothing one can play

– Jewelry: not my cup of tea

– Job: Coolie, but techie variety


– Kids: Amazing, simple and talented.

– Kickboxing or karate: just plain kicking

– Keep a journal?: Yes


– Love: over rated, and ignored at the same time.

– Laughed so hard you cried: nope..

– Love at first sight: Does drooling over a nice dish count as love at first sight?, if yes, many times.


– Mooned anyone?: hahha no, I can’t imagine how fun or bizarre that would be

– Marriage: will happen some day

– Motion sickness?: Nope, If you count not moving on weekends from front of television over the weekends which my mom terms as sickness, and is related to motion, then definitely yes.


– Number of Siblings: 0, but virtually speaking yes

– Number of Piercings: none


– One wish: Disney land near my house,


– Place you’d like to live: beach side, or by the mountains

– Perfect Pizza: they all taste the same

– Pepsi/Coke: non aerated shakes


– Questionnaires: I kind of like them


– Reason to cry: helplessness, by crying I do not mean tears

– Reality T.V.: non real

– Roll your tongue in a circle:  on?


– Song: current favorite – “jaane kaha mera jigar gaya ji”

– Shoe size: don’t know, must be 8 or something

– Slept outside: yes. in open air, in the tent, below a tree, ah fun!

– Seen a dead body?: yes.

– Smoked?: no

– Skinny dipped?: nope…never

– Shower daily?: there have been days I have skipped

– Sing well?: haha is “well” relative?

– In the shower?: yes

– Swear?: very rarely

– Stuffed Animals?: nah

– Single/Group dates: considering this is fantasy to me right now, I would go for group dates, more the merrier 😉

– Strawberries/Blueberries: blueberries

– Scientists need to invent: cure for greediness


– Time for bed: used to be 8:30, now I would like it to be 10pm

– Thunderstorms: fun, if you have good food and good company

– TV: fun if sitcoms are on

– Touch your tongue to your nose: easily


– Unpredictable: nope..too predictable


– Vegetable you hate: capsicum

– Vegetable you love: Okra, Potatoes

– Vacation spot: home stays within forests


– Weakness: worrisome

– When you grow up: I will like to be immature

– Worst feeling: not able to share your happiness

– Wanted to be a model?:  yeah, if they are selling something geeky, why not

– Where do we go when we die:  candyland

Worst weather: sweaty summer


-X-Rays: Cool if you are voyeur


-Year it is now: 2009

-Yellow: does not look good on me

Z- Zoo animal: slimy

– Zodiac sign: Virgo