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As humans why are we so obsessed with conclusions?. All arguments need to be decided, stories need to climax one way or the other, even sentences need to end with a period. This seems to be so unnatural, as in nature nothing waits till the end, end just happens, it is as abrupt as an unfinished sentence, a story incomplete. World does not wait for completeness, it just works at a pace not know to humans, and end happens, not to a plan. It sounds almost foolish to expect all sentences

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Things change (period). He had been telling himself for over years now, every single time he wanted to get back to what he had, be who he was, meet people who were, do things he did, the way he did, with people he was used to doing it with. He wanted what once was, and will never be again. It was not a question of familiarity, nor was a question of comfort. It was to do with holding on, it was a question of letting go, it was do with making it last a bit more. Roles, relationships, work, money, hobbies, wants, likes, clothes, people, equations, his outlook on things, his attitude, his priority and his values, everything had changed.
Yet ‘he’ remained.

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A dash of life

Have you ever tried to blot a pool of water on the floor. The water trying to find a new path around the cloth, and the cloth trying to blot as much of water as possible. Every time you try to move the cloth around, water finds its way around too. Still at the end of it the cloth takes in a big dash of water, as much as it can. Life is a lot like the flowing water, and I want to be the cloth which absorbs as much as it can.

 Life, to me, is a bunch of experiences, some new, some old, some routine and mundane, some exciting and curious. There has been times I have asked myself, and people have asked me, as to why should we do something, or something like we do this and then what?. The answer to these questions have been different at various ages of my mind. Today as we speak, my answer to all those questions has been a single word “experience”. Why should we get married?, experience. Why should I travel, “experience”. Why should I try new food “experience”. You name it, the answer is experience. The only thing which remains after the goal is achieved is the experience, and there can be no question as to “what do I gain from experience”, because the answer is experience. This is one of those rare things where the journey and destination are the same, and no matter what path you choose you will always reach the destination which is experience. So if we go with my current theory that life is a bunch of experience. It makes it  a lot easy to answer the question. “what do I want from life”. The answer is experience, whatever the life gives me its gonna be experience, if I get what I want from it its gonna be an experience, if not thats gonna be an experience too. What I want though is to be able to absorb as much as possible from my experiences.
There is a lot of things I want to experience, To begin with, I would love to meet new people, Some would turn into acquaintances, some relationships, some would turn into unknown bonds, some would just fizz out. But I want to be able to experience the human equations, I have spent a lot of time running away from it, but now is the time to make mends to it.
Travel is another area which I never run out of experiences from. People we meet, the place, the weather, the food. Its a whole palette of life thrown into a platter for a jumbo size serving. I wish I could travel more both with my family and alone, because I always enjoy company and being alone. Work travels always gives me a perspective which I never get when I am with family. It also opens up a window, where I can seek out to meet people which I would not do If I had company.
Assuming roles has given me a great new perspective in life. Be it being a father, a mentor at work, being a husband, a son, a son in law. There has always been a change with the role. Even being a friend has role changes over years, there was a time when we had surreal friendships, with no insight into each other, now with years on our side, we can think and discuss on deeper things. Internet and blogworld gave me a whole bunch of roles on line with people whom I had hardly met. It is a part of my life which is very close to my heart, because it gave me a rich dash of experiences at a time I was facing tough inter personal choices and questions.
Books have also added to my experiences. They have given me the ability to imagine situations and characters, debate ion behaviors and mindsets of a wide variety of people. It also provides a new outlook on possibilities and extremes to which world can get into.
When you look at life on the whole, the short term things like a problem at work [by problem I mean a work item which is bothering us], a promotion which I am aiming for, an electronic gadget that I want to buy, the house that I want to build etc seem insignificant. But they are not, each of these give you such rich experience, that one ends up thoroughly enjoying it. So when I order my favorite cup of coffee at a near by joint, I want to be able to enjoy the experience as much , as I would enjoy a complex relationship with a friend. When I solve an issue working two hours at a stretch I am as much delighted with the result, as the one at the end of a two week vacation to Himalayas.
If I have not got there, I should get there.
I do want to be wash cloth that blots the life.
A friend asked me “What do you want from life”. It was out of blue and I was wordless, it was too profound a question to be answered with a few words or being decisive in answering it. I took about a week to arrive at something which shouldn’t have taken a lot of thinking. Even though I haven’t blogged in ages, nor connected with any of my blog friends lately, I thought it might interest someone out there.
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It feels great to achieve goals. Goals and aims are such important part of our lives, unless we want to achieve something how will we focus in its direction, rather how would we realize what our focus should be on.

The only way I know to achieve my goals, is hard work and complete determination. As far as I can remember this what has been taught to me, more importantly this is what I have used to achieve what I have set out for. This is something which we all have realized from the life of so many great personalities, people we all are proud about.

Goals are not achieved easily, many of them take up your whole life, and almost each of them deserve such a determination and dedication for a lifetime, some even beyond. Most of use do not even think a little before involving ourselves with such dedication, the kind of passion just comes natural.

Even a small of thought about the failure, or that of being unable to meet the goal, is a step in the negative direction, and definitely they should not be entertained. I am not saying one should not calculate the risks involved, or may be develop backup plans and alternate routes to the goal, but trying to convince oneself its ok not to achieve the goal, isn’t that something very negative?.

I am someone who has always believed that my tomorrow is something which I can determine, rather atleast can be made the way I want it to be. A positive approach for sure. I believe that we can definitely influence the way our tomorrow will be, and with our hard work and efforts change the way it shapes up.

I would rather not complain that things happened this way, instead prefer to say I did the things this way, both good or bad. I guess I would rather prefer to be responsible for things happening to me, and around me rather than just be a witness.

Guys how many of you people are with me till this point, if not all the points how many of you agree with the majority of the points?.

I know I do not follow them to the core, I rather aspire to do many of those things. I have made my ideologies based on many of those principles and for even a moment, I have never doubted them.

Remember the book I was talking about “here” , well going by the books philosophy, every point of my belief system is a sure shot at unhappiness in life, and the main cause for out health problems. When I read this topic, for a day or so I was completely dismissive of the philosophy in the book, but really made me think, its not easy to ignore the arguments he puts forward.

So here lets look at the same points from his perspective.

Goals are a means of restricting ourselves, when we have goals all we concentrate upon are achieving them, in the course forgetting simple pleasures in life, in way preventing ourselves from achieving a lot more things then just what we set out for.

He agrees that is good to prepare for your goal, and be complete prepared for the obstacles on the way, however is it really worth spending our whole life in the pursuit?, in a way when we are struck to our goal, our whole life is unknowingly controlled by it, and in a way we loose our independence, and in turn happiness.

Somebody who does not care about the goal, someone who is fine with both achieving and not achieving the goal, is a lot less pressurized and in a better frame of mind to do things. This does not mean don’t work towards the goal, but it also means that be clear that its ok if you don’t achieve it.

Sounds so much alien to me, but I have to admit sounds true as well.

He says its foolish to want tomorrow to be a certain way, he says that its best for one to prepare for the “tomorrow”, rather then work towards shaping it, because when it does not end up the way we want it, we end up far more disappointed, rather if we had prepared to face it the way it comes, we would have the thrill of living it as it comes.

An interesting theory for sure.

He says there is a lot more happiness in accepting that the thing happened, rather then trying to be the person who “does” things. The lesser “I” involved in the life, lesser the sadness and disappointment one goes through. Being a witness to an event, gives you a lot more in life rather than being the cause, one gets to concentrate, focus a lot more in being the witness, than the times one gains through being the cause.

More ramblings to follow….

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Moi philosophy

Got this over at chandni’s post As if I didn’t know
. I thought I should give it a try too :). So here goes my results.

What philosophy do you follow? (v1.03)
created with
You scored as KantianismYour life is guided by the ethical model of Kantianism: You seek to have consistent laws rule your actions, and your will is directed by reason.

“I do not, therefore, need any penetrating acuteness to see what I have to do in order that my volition be morally good. Inexperienced in the course of the world, incapable of being prepared for whatever might come to pass in it, I ask myself only: can you also will that your maxim become a universal law?”

–Immanuel Kant

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Justice (Fairness)
Strong Egoism
Divine Command

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