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Friendship is mostly fake,
Always overrated,
Ready to turn into one’s weakness,
Hard to find,
Making you, vulnerable
Ready to be taken advantage of.

Are we better off without it?

Then one came along,
who proved everything wrong,

And then another walked in,
And then one more.

Just waiting for the next one,
“Your friendship!”.

Prompt this week over at writer’s island is friendship. I am not that much of a friends person, very few friends but really close ones at that, and am not that friendly person at all, take a long time to even think about smiling at someone. I thought I was the least qualified personal to write something on friendship, but still blurted out what came to my mind.


20 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. Btw, what is this writers island thing? and is this helpful? I mean why are you in there?

    Writers island is a prompt where writers exchange poetry and prose, I am not in there or something, just write on the topics that get posted out there, you can click and the link and check the site out

  2. Rambler that was nice I liked it when you said and than the one came along who proved everone wrong. Oh and I do think you are a friendly person.

    It was more of everything wrong, every wrong thing I thought about friendship.

  3. Yes I have found that it’s never too late. I like ‘then one came along who proved everything wrong’

    They always come, don’t they?

  4. your poem seems to follow one of your sidebar quotes – the one about destiny. Friendship is a give-take interaction. One can’t be friends all alone…

    One can’t be friends alone, but it is equally difficult with people around as well.

  5. I am not great at making friends either but I know one thing for sure, if you are lucky enough to have one – it’s the best feeling in the world. But it is a relationship that requires work and effort. You can’t just expect someone to be your ‘friend’ until you make an effort and so do they.

    I totally agree with you, you can’t expect anything to happen on its own
    Sometimes you just need a trigger, either from you or others, what follows is wonderful.

  6. Well rambler, I guess I am after all these years, still waiting for that one true friendship. It’s getting a bit old.
    Great job and I only wish it were true.


    It is never too late.. we have a saying here, one which takes time, comes out the grandest.. so hang on..
    In the mean time we are there in the blogword right.. 🙂

  7. then another, then another -that’s positive outlook, yes I like the ending the best.

    Thanks UL, then another was my optimism, but yes “your” friendship is what it matters to me.

  8. One needs to differenciate between friends and aquaintances. True friends are rare indeed.

    True friends are rare indeed, but they do happen, and sometimes when we are lucky, they happen more than once..

  9. definitely!…i am on your side…friends/men are like buses, if you missed one another one will come along…

    Really did not mean that one, I really dont agree with you, if you miss one, you might find other, but you loose that important “one”, you got to work on your friendship.

  10. not as late as me… I am so glad the one came along to mirror to you what a friendly and heart warming smile you have… I just love what you do with these fifty-five words…

    Well i got a little spooked to be honest, how do you know about my smile.. sorry was kidding..
    thanks for the kind words.. and yes I was fortunate couple of times, and they do get center space in my posts very often, may be I dont mention the names, and may be not make it explicit.

  11. And i’ve just hopped in 🙂
    and would like to join the others who proved you wrong

    Prats you are always welcome, hop on, may be I can prove something to you too 🙂

  12. Great poem. There is a fine line between being guarded and always being a cynic. Sometimes people prove you wrong. Isn’t it a nice surprise when people exceed your expectations and turn out to be valued friends?

    Herb, exactly what I meant, when you think there is nothing good that can happen, someone surprises you so much

  13. fantastic … i could so relate to this 🙂 have i told you lately how much i heart your poetry? cause i do : )

    Darlene, thanks a lot, you know your words mean a lot to me right.

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