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Anonimity is overrated!. Really?

Identity theft might fast become a major problem in india, there is lot of ignorence about the identity theft, not many have heard about this. I know that in the US there is lot of propoganda regarding this, and was thinking how and when it would strike.
Ok first of all its not new, naming it is just a formality. It does happen in day to day life where someone come in as some body else and trys to get something out of a false identity
This has been glorified in movies like chitchor and not so famour MPKDH. [[you are right I will never grow out of movies ]]
But doing this in current high tech life could be too dangerous. There is lot at stake now a days, Some body can use ur name to do illegal activities. People need to be really carefull when you throw out your trash make sure the address label is shredded. That gives a lot of info to the outside world.First of all it has a persons full postal address, that can be used to register anythign to everything, Then credit card statement also give out the banks you deal with and also things like number of credits card u can afford, That gives a lot of info about the person’s financial status.
Next comes the phone number, Its very easy for that becoming public for not so big crimes, This results in lot of bugging from agencies specially on the mobile.
Girls would end up in lot more kinds of trouble. Yes I do sound a sexist here. I am sure all my female friends will agree, that chances of a guy getting a blank call are as bad as India winning any cricket match nowadays
Address, phone number aside, The biggest give away would be nothing but your full name. do you know one can send email with your name id to anyone. Its tougher to explain if first middle last name match..
Well all said and done, there is plenty of other things for thieves to do before they start stealing identity, Or so I thought. You never know when the terror strikes.

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A Stolen poem

A friend sent me this one, thought may suit some of my friends too..

I was thinking of old friends today

And how many of them have slipped away.

Moved, got married, or stopped calling so much,

Found new friends, got busy, and just lost touch.

It reminded me of falling leaves.

Every autumn the leaves fall from the trees.

Some stay longer than others,

but eventually – Each leaf must fall, I’m told,

Leaving the tree alone to face the cold.

Why is it that in the time of utmost need

The leaves would seek to leave the tree?

And when we need our friends around

We look and they can not be found?

Of course these friendships come and go

And in the spring new leaves will grow.

But I prefer autumn friends of old

With crackling laughter and colors bold.

It saddens me now I must admit

How somehow, someway,

I did forget Laughing with old friends of mine

During summers when the sun would shine.

And then I thought of you.

That one stubborn leaf that won’t let go.

That clings despite the winds that blow.

Fighting ice, and snow, and winter’s stings

Hanging on right through till spring.

So I guess that’s what you are to me –

The very last leaf to leave the tree.

I know it seems silly, but it’s true.

When I see that last leaf…
…I think of you.

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Reviewing the ‘Vivah"

I always wanted to do this, Finally I get to do this “Review a Movie”
Sooraj Barjatiya made MPK, HAHK, HSSH, and MPKDH and now Vivah. The graph for me looks like this
MPK ***
HAHK ****
HSSH ****
MPKDH -***** thats negative 5
vivah **

I have loved his movies for mainly one thing “Emotions within Relationship”, It need not be the lead pair, its the brotherhood, sisterhood, relatives friends or even the master/servent whichever you want He is an ace.
There are some common things in all his movies which catches me. They are so simple things any director could have easily cought on from him, but believe me no one has done it so far.
Antakshari in MPK, the whole pillow thing in HAHK, the introduction thingy in HSSH man they seem to be so boring, but yet can anybody think about this? noone did, they really kept me on my seat in those movies even though they were highly unreal sequenses. All of them had something special. the moments which you never want to forget.
Vivah does not dissapoint me on this front, They have a picnic sequence where the bride and the groom family spend a week for vacation together. This was the biggest high for me in the movie.
The simple fact that 2 familys who barely know each other can stay, really tells me that this if it works is a great way to know someone.
There are so many subtle moments in the movie which really stands out, and shows you directors brilliance. Like the importance to news paper for the big Bro, A scene where poonam helps prem to get the coin to stick, Scene where poonam is depreived of doing her routine with the shawl, scene where prem thinks she is really not present at the airport, scene where poonam hands out the pakoras to her dad and so on.
But all is not great in the movie, Lets start the bashing part.
Amrita Rao cannot carry this part, though she looks indian, for me something is totally missing.
Shahid kapoor is kind of ok, still not anywhere close to salman, not even close to Abhishek of the worst MPKDH
The director must have forgotten to pay story writer, If by chance there was one, In most part of the movie it is just the episode no story at all. similar thing worked in HAHK, but there are not enough stuff to impress in this one.
The biggest let down to me is the supporting cast, None of the charectors are etched out well, We are so used to see good charector roles in Soorajji’s movie, This looks totally lacking, I am not so much worried in the reduced number of such roles, but of the roles which are present the scope and the moments go totally blank.
Both Anupam kher and Alok Nath look like role reversal from HAHK, with the good part of their roles removed. The bhayya and the bhabi were too artificial and not even close to the kind we have seen before.
The sister and the step mother are ok nothing special, and the biy has some good catch lines.
Music wise, Its a meldoious one, but would have sounded much better with better singers and also variety, On the whole it is decent.
Camerawork and choreography are decent.
Lyrics didnt impress me.
On the whole a passable movie

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Blame it on winter.

I came across this article which says people become really sad and gloomy during winter, And end up comitting suicide. Well it did not read the same, but it meant pretty much the same.
People are really like a maze, hard to figure out. I generally dont meet many people, Or let me put it this way I hardly get to know people. But however small my sample space is, I have a pretty interesting set of case studies.
One of my best friends is back in town. Calling him “One of My” is really not the correct thing as he is one among lie 3 or may be 4. And mind you he is the closest one. He has his own agenda to deal with, Emotionally I think he is really going through a great one, For many reasons I cant put what his problem is over here. But trust me. [If some one really reads this crap I write] He has a very bad issue to deal with.
I met him couple of times last week, But the real sad part was, apart from pleaseantries and little bit of memory talk, I ran out of topics. I really wanted to ask him how he is doing and if he needed any help. But time does create a hole, however close you are with a person, you dont get to talk to him, what you want to.
Well the other friend whom I have access to, Is not keeping well either, I have felt that I am loosing the closeness I had with her, She could be reading this, But I really care so much about my relationships nowadays that I cant keep myself from feeling this sadness, Out of the few relationships I still have running, I cant see this one slide too, People I connect with are becoming rarer by the day.
Speaking of this. I really thought about one phenomenon that has happened to me in last few years. I have really havent had a crush in long time. There was a punch line in the movie “Love happens only once, rest is life” i badly dont want to believe this as true, Cos I dont even know if i am waiting for the love part or I am already into life.
I can count my crushes on my finger tips. i dont even need both my hands for this. The other day I was trying to do a RCA on this, [ I got to forget Sig Sigma]. If I consider all the crushes I have had [4 to be precise] All of them are really not stunning lookers, I have really seen most other girls/women who look really hot, But I was quicker to realize it was lust. The Greatest Common Factor among all 4 was that I had crush after knowing them for like more than a year. This was because until them I had seen them, never known them. It generally takes about 2 months for me to talk to a girl freely, Till then Its really girls responsibility not to get bored of me. Mind you I can be really a major wuss, I can be as big a Jerk that can ever live and insensitive to top it. After 2 months, I generally take over, next month or two Is really where I observe a lot about the girl. If she has real intellect that gets to me, There I go i will have something cooking by end of 4 to 5 months, Only after a humongous 6 months It transforms into a Crush. All this has a trigger for sure, One thing that really turns head, is the dressing sense, If a girl can be very particular about what she wears, makes sure she has a lot of accessorries but all very simple, I would defnitely try to talk to her, Not to forget the smell of the hair.
Along this huge process I have, I am going wrong at all places, I hardly see a girl, If I do I do not have time to really know her, nor they have patience to come up to me and talk to me. My life really requires some activites where I can meet people, I can really do with a couple of more buddies and in the process may be someone special also.

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Delayed follow up

Yep there are things in life which one wants to do, but due to various reasons he does not do it.
Well thats what I say to myself, where as real reason is nothing but laziness, Ever since I am back from Coorg, wanted to write a follow up to my blues blog, but have been putting it off for some reason or other.
Coorg trip turned out to be a surprise, I enjoyed most of it didnt like some parts but I can take it. The trip began on time I was so happy I love people who keep up time, Had to drive about 8 hrs but man it was worth. Coorg was so beautifull. And I was a bit disappointed as it was hot that day but would take that nature anyday.
I did have a good lunch and sleep during the afternoon, woke up as rest were asleep ended going to the dining place, Met this mixed couple german/English and they were living in Pune what a combi..
Had wonderful time talking to them and this Italian guy. I hardly get to meet these kind of people who have differant line of thinking than ours, I am not sure if rest of the people who were with me liked this As i spent much time with them on the tour. They did accompany us to trek too. It was wonderful knowing them.
Anyways was really disgusted last day, I am not sure was it because the trip was ending or any other reason It was really bad, I came back home to a diwali night
I must tell you, Being a guy who loved crackers I have changed a lot, I may like the concept of crackers still but Man i cant stand the sound at all. It was horrible,.
Last couple of weeks has been normal, nothing special at work not at home, Day by day I am becoming more loner then ever,
I need to make some friends and Hobbies are wanted as soon as possible.